Social Media & Blog

Let’s face it folks, social media and blogging are here to stay. As Brad Pitt and Charles Darwin both said, “Adapt or die.” Social media marketing strategies help manufacturers attract new talent, discover new prospects, and share photos and posts of their culture.

Before we dive head-first into the endless abyss that is social media, Vive always asks two key questions:

  1. What are your goals as a company?
  2. How can social media help achieve these goals?

Working collaboratively with your team, Vive submits a monthly calendar of posts based on industry-related content and company highlights. We’ll even post on your behalf.

The same goes for blogging. Vive has experts who develop diverse plans for monthly blogs and follow up by writing content tailored specifically to your audience. A new blog post = a new page for Google to scroll… and that’s a good thing!

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