About Vive

Who is Vive Marketing?

Vive Marketing are the experts in marketing for manufacturers. We solely help manufacturers in the plastics and metals industries to revive their brand perception and discover new opportunities. Vive is not your typical marketing firm. The close-knit team at Vive understands manufacturing and the vernacular. We serve our clients with B2B marketing strategies and creative services that complement sales efforts, and resonate with their audiences.

Meet Your Team

Why Vive?

Vive Marketing knows your brand is more than a logo. We take a strategic approach to learning your company’s purpose for being in business – your WHY. Using our own registered Zweck Analysis®, the Vive team is able to tailor unique marketing strategies specific to your company and its goals. Our personal attention to each client quickly results in Vive becoming an extension of your team. We even keep our safety glasses handy to walk manufacturing floors for shop talk. Vive takes pride in our established reputation and are committed to helping your business advance.

Meet Your Team

  • Teresa Schell

    Owner & President

    Wine Enthusiast

  • Melissa Shearer

    Account Executive

    Coffee Fanatic

  • Austin Haga

    Account Manager

    Dog Lover

  • Nick Newman

    Visual Craftsman

    Camera Man

  • Kyle Naber

    Communications Specialist

    Baseball Fan

  • Miller

    Chief Barketing Officer

    Fetch Expert

Where We Work

Based out of Milwaukee, Vive has provided B2B marketing services for nearly 70 manufacturers across the United States and Canada since 2007.