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Who is Vive Marketing?

Vive Marketing is the expert in marketing for manufacturers.

We solely help manufacturers in the plastics and metals industries to revive their brand perception and discover new opportunities.

Vive is not your typical marketing firm. The close-knit team at Vive understands manufacturing and the vernacular. We serve our clients with B2B marketing strategies and creative services that complement sales efforts, and resonate with their audiences.

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Approachable, Collaborative, Trusted

Vive Marketing has built our reputation on these core values. As a vibrant, niche agency our team develops customized marketing strategies, helping to elevate manufacturers’ brands.

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Why Vive?

Vive Marketing knows your brand is more than a logo. We take a strategic approach to learning your company’s purpose for being in business – your WHY.  Using our own registered Zweck Analysis®, the Vive team is able to tailor unique marketing strategies specific to your company and its goals. Our personal attention to each client quickly results in Vive becoming an extension of your team. We even keep our safety glasses handy to walk manufacturing floors for shop talk. Vive takes pride in our established reputation and are committed to helping your business advance.


Meet Your Team

  • Teresa Schell

    Owner & President

    Wine Enthusiast

    Teresa Schell

    Owner & President / Wine Enthusiast

    According to the Predictive Index, Teresa Schell is serious and thoughtful about everything she does; she is a no-nonsense worker who worries about getting things exactly right. Never superficial, she will make sure that she knows what she is talking about before she speaks. She has a sense of urgency and works and functions, in general, at a faster-than-average pace.

    Sustaining an entire professional career in manufacturing, Teresa Leads companies in branding and business communications as the core of her mission; profiting from the knowledge that drives the science of acquiring and keeping customers by deploying best practice tools and marketing strategies.

    Teresa has increased the impact of marketing for manufacturing companies by speaking at several industry conference events. Has served on boards including MAPP and the WI chapter of Women in Manufacturing and was honored with 2017 Inspirational Leader award of the Year by TEC, a Vistage Company.
  • Deb Wolf

    Account Manager

    Global Traveler

    Deb Wolf

    Account Manager / Global Traveler

    Deadline-driven and genuine in everything she does, Deb Wolf brings more than 20 years of experience to Vive. With a client-focused mentality, Deb has a knack for quickly building strong relationships with her clients, while enjoying a bit of fun along the way. With a passion and an accomplished background in events and trade shows, Deb's experience allows her to excel at anticipating challenges. This ability has helped her to realize an aptitude for problem-solving, delivering resourceful solutions for her clients.
  • Linda Foster

    Director of Marketing


    Linda Foster

    Director of Marketing / Connector

    Linda Foster is purposeful and caring, driven with a go-getter mindset to push action, never being afraid of challenging the status quo. According to the Predictive Index, Linda has strong ideas and expresses them with confidence and certainty using an authentic approach that draws people to her naturally.

    With a connection to manufacturing throughout her career, she has an appreciation for industry/business growth and operational excellence. Leading client branding efforts to help differentiate them from the competition, Linda is focused and passionate about everything she does, with her desire to continually grow always visible.

    Linda has 15+ years of marketing experience and is energetic about brand development and company growth. Her lead-by-example leadership approach and enthusiasm for process improvement is what defines her.
  • Jared Falkner

    Client Services Manager

    Basketball Fan

    Jared Falkner

    Client Services Manager / Basketball Fan

    Organized and people-oriented, Jared Falkner is an efficient social decision-maker who understands risks, challenges and the importance of workplace accuracy. A collaborative team player, he is always willing to lend a hand in support. According to the Predicative Index, Jared offers a warm and empathic mentality to connect with clients, prospects and industry professionals on a day-to-day basis. Serving as Vive's Client Services Manager, Jared is precise and thorough in every aspect of his role.
  • Nick Newman

    Visual Craftsman

    Camera Man

    Nick Newman

    Visual Craftsman / Camera Man

    According to the Predictive Index, Nick Newman is socially informal, extraverted and outgoing; drawing others into a conversation quickly. He is Vive’s man behind our client graphic needs, perfectly titled as our Visual Craftsman. Nick understands people well, which means he can extract key ideas and translate them into strong brand visuals that resonate with target audiences. Capable of all graphic design needs, he also has the ability to assist with onsite photography and B2B video production. His enthusiastic style and warm personality bring diverse groups together which fosters collaboration.
  • Rebecca Karnopp

    Web Content Specialist

    Avid Reader

    Rebecca Karnopp

    Web Content Specialist / Avid Reader

    Passionate and creative, Rebecca brings more than five years of experience as a web content specialist. With a fix-it mindset, Rebecca utilizes her versatile skill set to help clients elevate their digital presence by writing, editing and optimizing website content. As a content writer, fluent in SEO and keyword research, Rebecca strategically uses keywords to increase web traffic.

  • Niner

    Barketing Intern

    Smile Generator


    Barketing Intern / Smile Generator

    Rescued from K9 Lifeline (www.k9lifeline.com), Niner is learning the ropes of agency life following the departure of Miller, Vive’s Chief Barketing Officer. Rescue dogs are intelligent, emotional beings, and Niner is no exception. He’s energetic and only wants to please his audience, similar characteristics from team Vive. Serving as a form of mental floss for our office, Niner loves the attention he gets for just being a cute puppy. Where does his name come from? You’ll note the heart shape print on his back, which is symbolic to the signature heart hill of his rescuer’s favorite winery in Paso Robles, Niner! www.ninerwine.com

Where We Work

Based out of Milwaukee, Vive has provided B2B marketing services for 70 manufacturers across the United States and Canada since 2007.