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Marketing Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5: Re:Vive Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

Molly Ritchie of Star Plastics: Rebranding as a Manufacturer

Have you considered rebranding your manufacturing company? We understand the difficulty of getting the buy-in to transform something that the owner has built from the ground up, hence why we had Molly Ritchie join us on the latest episode of Re:Vive, Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers.

Molly talks with Clint and Austin about the buy-in she needed to receive from her leadership team to entertain a rebrand as well as other marketing tactics and how she convinced her dad to change the logo of the company he built. 

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Vive Marketing Podcast Troy Nix - MAPP

Episode 3: Re:Vive Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

Troy Nix: MAPP 2018 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference

We have a very special guest on the third episode of Re:Vive, Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers. Troy Nix, Executive Director of the MAPP association connects with Austin & Clint to discuss the importance of building a stable network and the power that industry associations can have to help businesses in manufacturing. Troy discusses how MAPP was started and how MAPP has become the association it is today.

Discover the benefits of working with an association and connecting with the industry as Troy discusses becoming an employer of choice and the state of the manufacturing industry. Austin & Clint talk with Troy about the upcoming MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference and how MAPP keeps the conference fresh and different to keep its members coming back.

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Vive Marketing Podcast Episode 2 PAPA Advertising

Episode 2: Re:Vive Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

PAPA Advertising: Websites, SEO & Mac vs. PC

On the latest episode of Re:Vive Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers, Austin and Clint talk with Jason Keller, Managing Partner of PAPA Advertising, a web development company based on the East Coast. The talk focuses around several challenges manufacturing companies are facing on the web and the ever-changing principles that drive websites and  online best practices.

Discover what goes into getting on page one of Google search results and the importance of watching your competition on the web to ensure your site will attract the audience you are intending. Jason explains why you need to please Google and discusses why there is still value in advertising on Bing Ads in the B2B landscape.

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Revive Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

Episode 1: Re:Vive Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

TypeOrange: Branding, Logo Design & Snow Sculpting

Vive is ecstatic to officially launch our new marketing podcast for manufacturers, Re:Vive. This podcast focuses on key subject matter that many manufacturing companies face from a marketing lens in today’s business landscape.

In the first episode of Re:Vive, Austin and Clint talk with Brett Tomczak, a graphic designer and brand identity guru, about the process of rebranding, logo design, and the importance of consistent branding. Brett is the owner of TypeOrange, a design shop in Milwaukee, and brings numerous years of experience creating identities and logos for manufacturing companies across the United States.

Discover the challenges companies are facing when deciding whether to update their brand and why restricting the number of decision makers can be key in going through a rebrand process. Not only does Brett use his unique design abilities for brands, but being from Wisconsin he also has a soft spot for snow.

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