Just Begun or Halfway Done?

Earlier this summer, Vive announced the arrival of Rachel Heinzinger, our Marketing Communications Intern. In the blink of an eye, Rachel is halfway complete with her internship, but only halfway started with her journey to a career.

Rachel will be a junior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the fall. Seeking a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and minors in Spanish and Informatics, Rachel hopes to land a job for a marketing firm in Chicago or work in-house marketing for a large business firm.

At the start of her internship, Rachel established a list of objectives and expectations for her time at Vive. “My goals are to adapt to working in an office with a full-time schedule, learn new design programs, better my marketing skills, and overall enjoy my time working as an intern,” she noted.

In seven swift weeks, Rachel has accomplished myriad tasks, teaching her various lessons about marketing and the professional world. Within the first two months or so, Rachel has drafted two social media calendars (along with goals for each month), created a seven-month drip-marketing plan, writing blog posts for clients, designed and built a manufacturing dictionary, listened in on logo and brand development discussions, and participated in an on-site factory tour of a local client. Rachel remains busy each day with new projects while also maintaining social media for Vive and other clients.

Vive builds its own portfolio each day with remarkable projects; Rachel aims to build her own personal portfolio with her success at Vive. Rachel believes that the internship is benefitting her by giving her a foot in the door and the opportunity for future internships, all while learning programs and improving her writing and networking skills.

When asked the best advice she has received and advice she would give, Rachel stated, “The best advice I’ve received is the same as I would give. Never give up on your dream job. With the right combination of networking and a strong work ethic, you can accomplish any goal. A huge part of networking is asking questions and following up; never neglect to do both of these.”

Rachel’s internship at Vive runs through the summer of 2015.