Letter from the President: Strategic Marketing Partners is Now Vive

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark. 

As the President and Owner of Vive, formerly Strategic Marketing Partners, I am proud of the role my business plays in helping multiple plastic processors, plastic service providers and mold builders throughout the U.S. build their brand identity with robust marketing plans and solid communication strategies parental guidance I found this to be an opportune time to introduce similar strategies for my business by updating its brand identity.

When a company evolves their image, it’s a true representation of the company’s commitment to reinventing itself, most of the time, to look more modern and illustrate their progression through time. Our name change does not reflect a shift in our offerings or value proposition. Rather, the name change to Vive more accurately identifies who we have become, which is a team focused on being Victorious, Innovative, Vibrant and Enduring.

Additionally, the name represents the core of our business, which is to work with established companies to revive their brand identity and marketing strategies. Vive is represented by the silver “V” in our logo, while the two purple “V’s” signify the distinct union with our clients and marketing partners to assure a successful collaboration. We deliver the same marketing support and are dedicated to building lasting relationships with professionals in the plastics and mold building industries.

I am thankful to those who have placed their fingerprint on this successful organization, which has provided a valuable resource for small to mid-size companies to help grow their businesses. With this identity change, I pledge our commitment to stay the course as your strategic marketing partner. The company will continue under my sole ownership, at the same location in the scenic Third Ward of Milwaukee’s lakefront, and operate in its current structure with a fabulous team of marketing professionals.

Thank you for celebrating this time in history with us!