Linda Foster Fun Headshot

Linda Foster

Sr. Account Manager


Linda Foster has worked in marketing for over 15 years, and has no shortage of passion and dedication when delivering her expert marketing services. Linda is purposeful and caring, and has a go-getter mindset when it comes to her work as a Sr. Account Manager. She is a charismatic and strong leader, with confidence in her ideas and an authentic approach to her work that naturally draws people to her. 

With a strong connection to manufacturing, Linda has always had an appreciation for industry growth and business excellence. She continues to lead client branding efforts to help differentiate them from the competition. 

Outside of work, Linda enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, and sipping on a good cup of brew. 

WIM Wisconsin '15-'17

Board member

Executive Leadership

Ongoing training

High Client Retention Rate

Maintaining Successful Partnerships

Process Improvement

Relentless execution 

Authentic Influencer
Driven to Inspire Success

Who is Linda?

According to 16 Personalities, Linda is a Protagonist. Protagonists feel called to serve a greater purpose in life. Thoughtful and idealistic, these personality types strive to have a positive impact on other people and the world around them. They rarely shy away from an opportunity to do the right thing, even when doing so is far from easy.