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Viving & Thriving: A Focus on OWNing It! 

Success doesn’t come overnight. It is what compounds (plastics pun intended?… perhaps) from countless hours/years of hard work and dedication. It also means continuing to find ways to innovate and not settling for the status quo. Even when you achieve optimal success, or feel like you’re “making it,” there are always ways to push yourself even harder to be better than what you were yesterday. OWNing your accomplishments and OWNing your mistakes, even when no one is watching, is what makes those who are good… great!

Before I get into it, why is O-W-N capitalized? Is it an acronym? The answer to that question is ‘no’ (we have more than enough acronyms in manufacturing). Rather, it’s a bold statement to hold Vive accountable for what we set out to do, take OWNership in what we do every day, and be proud of the work we do. This word has now become a theme within our culture that is an integral part of our annual strategic planning and goal-setting process, and day-to-day mindset, as well as our ongoing focus to stretch ourselves to go above and beyond. As a marketing company with in-house graphic expertise, what would it be without a purposeful logo?



This logo represents growth and an upward trajectory.

OWNing it at Vive, now for more than 15 years, also means staying on top of industry trends and technologies, attending relevant trade events, aligning with the best publications, and simply knowing the vernacular/key players. These things help us strive to be the leader in our space. While so many other agencies diversify their client portfolio, we are passionate about manufacturing and committed to leaving the industry better than we found it – while having fun in the process.

At Vive, our success is driven by the passion we have for our work, the emotional connection we build for brands in a very competitive ecosystem, the direct correlation of analytics to prove what we are doing is working, and the long-term partnerships (more accurately stated: “friendships”) we form with so many of our clients and those within manufacturing. It pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves for each other and the clients we serve in the plastics and metals industries.

Beyond executing strategic and creative Marketing Plans rooted in OWNing It, our team culture is focused on living by our Vive Pledge. We continue to seek those who share these values as Vive continues to thrive.

We are focused on continuing to OWN what we are doing and strive for greatness for years to come.

The question I leave you with is… how are you and your company OWNing it?

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