Plastics Brand Management

What We Do

Vive takes pride in being the leading marketing firm dedicated to the plastics industry. Our competitive advantage is delivered by:

  • Years of plastics industry experience
  • A tighter grasp on your audience
  • A network of established relationships within the plastics industry
  • An understanding of plastics manufacturing vernacular

A solid branding strategy begins with identifying a company’s core strengths, validating them by the customer-driven voice, and establishing a marketing and communication platform to build awareness.

Power by Knowledge

A foundation of knowledge is key. The discoveries gained via internal analysis and customer interviews drive our strategic decisions and approach to your brand.

Brand Management

Whether you’re updating an old logo or aiming for brand consistency in a year-long ad campaign, we work tirelessly to provide solutions that reflect the real you. We’ve helped revive some amazing brands. Explore some of our work.

The Chicken or the Egg?

Here’s a riddle for you – what came first, the marketing and promotion, or the sale?

Vive aligns marketing strategies with sales tactics for the ultimate package of deliverables. Both functions affect the customer experience and must work in tandem to attract new business and retain customers. To assist with lead nurturing and augment the buyer customer lifecycle, Vive creates awareness via inbound marketing traffic, generating online traffic through press releases, social media, blog posts, and website content.

In regards to marketing materials, they should be tailored to your company’s target audience. We evaluate the best way to position your marketing message and select which materials will be most effective.

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