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Strategic Ways to Recruit and Retain Talent


Through measurable data, we’ve identified that social media is a great strategy for recruiting talent for your organization. By showcasing what makes your company great, you can attract the right people to join your team and help retain current employees by reminding them why they joined in the first place.


Need to fill a job? Put it out there on social media! You’ll be able to attract followers in your industry and pump up your reputation and company brand with the posts you share — everything from the benefits you offer, your values, and just generally what makes working at your place special. Plus, CareerArc reports that 86% of job seekers will check out social media before they apply. And don’t forget those industry peers might have referrals of potential candidates for you.


If you have a stellar reputation, there’s no need to limit your search for new employees to just those actively looking. Did you know that 70% of the global workforce aren’t even thinking about changing their career path, but they’d consider switching paths if something amazing caught their eye? So don’t hesitate to share your awesome company news – you never know who’s going to be interested!


And through social media, you are able to research a potential candidate’s profile and learn more about them – positive or negative – that won’t be on their resume. A CareerBuilder survey found that 54% of employers had actually denied a potential hire based on something negative they saw posted online. What a way to dodge a bullet!


On the flip side, candidates can get to know your company and connect with current employees through social media. Plus, it reduces your cost to hire, and communication can happen in a flash!


If you’re a talent recruiter, social media is a savvy plan for recruiting top talent. How so? Through these recruitment social media best practices. To create your best possible strategy, here’s what Vive recommends:


  1. What are your goals? Establish KPIs such as traffic to a job posting or the number of applicants.
  2. What social media platform is best to reach potential candidates? Make sure they are relevant to your industry. Would potential candidates be on these platforms?
  3. New forms of social media platforms are developing all the time, so it is important to adapt to engage younger generations through channels such as TikTok or Instagram.
  4. Establish a regular cadence of social posts that highlight your company brand and messaging to remain consistent. Highlight your company culture and values.
  5. Make it easy for applicants to apply and be clear on the process.
  6. Use advanced tools to search for specific education or certification requirements.
  7. Personalize your posts on talent recruitment through videos or interviews with current team members.
  8. Join industry groups to lead to referrals for candidates who fit what you are looking for.
  9. Build relationships with current employees to help increase retention.
  10. Connect with diverse talent pools, developing your inclusive recruitment and DEI goals.
  11. Understand how you compare to competitors as prospective candidates. Craft recruitment content that promotes your unique employer brand benefits.


Social media is an influential tool that can showcase your company and the amazing culture it has! At Vive, we know the differences between the old and new ways of talent acquisition vs recruitment. We understand the importance of social media in recruiting top talent and can help you develop a strategy that will allow you to reach your desired candidates. We can also assist with creating engaging content, developing targeted advertising campaigns, and more.

How exactly can Vive assist? Through our new service offering — Recruitment Marketing! Hop over to our new Recruitment Marketing page for more information or feel free to directly contact us to learn more about how we can help you take your recruiting efforts to the next level!