ReVive Your Brand: It’s Vive O’Clock Somewhere

Last November, Vive Marketing launched a new campaign – Vive O’Clock Somewhere – which was built on the idea of having manufacturing companies joining us for a stress-free conversation over your favorite drink about marketing to see where we could help alleviate your marketing pitfalls. The initial campaign covered 12 of the most common marketing challenges that we find companies face every day and how they can overcome those hurdles.

The COVID-19 Effect on Marketing

In November, when we launched this campaign, we never could have imagined how different the world would look less than a year later. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced change, a lot of it. From wearing masks in public to social distancing, isolation, and quarantine, this life of new normals has been an adjustment that has shifted our focus in several areas. It should come as no surprise that one of the areas that Vive is focused on is marketing in manufacturing.

While the pandemic may have created a slow period in sales, there are still marketing initiatives that should be focused on to grow your brand. Marketing is more important than ever, especially given that opportunities for face-to-face communication have decreased significantly. Between canceled events and with meetings and trade shows moved to virtual formats, marketing will be a vital part of a company’s success moving forward. Often, strong marketing for a brand begins by ensuring that your sales and marketing teams are aligned.

Like many companies, Vive was forced to take a step back, to reconsider our approach, and refine it to effectively adapt to our current market. Our answer for how to modify Vive O’Clock Somewhere to life in the pandemic was a comprehensive approach that includes reintroducing our podcast – ReVive: The Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers – and highlighting various cues that manufacturing companies can look for to know when it is time to revive their brand in an extension of our Vive O’Clock Somewhere campaign.

What ReVive Means to Us

The definition of revive most commonly means to restore something to life. However, at Vive, we choose to use this word to describe new life or energy, returning to a company. We understand the word rebrand can be scary, so when we say “ReVive your brand”, we are not talking about rebranding but rather, bringing new excitement to your company.

This can be seen through marketing efforts such as updating brand messaging to better align with the current company focus, creating new marketing materials including a company video, or through a new, full marketing plan to bring new awareness to your brand.

Time to ReVive? It’s Vive O’Clock Somewhere

Our new campaign continues the same approach – Vive O’Clock Somewhere starts with you. If you are struggling to recover lost business, need help retaining existing customers, or are finding that your company’s marketing channels are suddenly dormant, it’s time for Vive. As your partner, Vive marketing can help you discover your company’s voice, reconnect with your customers or help you reach a new target audience by broadcasting what makes you different, helping you to increase your presence in the marketplace and the digital space.

Whether it’s for a chat about your current marketing challenges or a conversation about how Vive can help to energize your brand, we’re here for you.

Let’s talk about marketing! Click here to contact Vive Marketing. Want to learn more about the experts in marketing for manufacturers? Explore our services and work.