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Vive Marketing Announces Expansion With Vive 2

The Experts in Marketing for Manufacturers to Develop Exclusive Manufacturing for Marketers Brand

MILWAUKEE, WIS. (April 1, 2021) – Known for being experts at developing strategic, customized marketing plans for manufacturing professionals in the plastics and metals industries, Vive Marketing today announced the company is adding a new brand – Vive 2, Manufacturing for Marketers.

With more than a decade of demonstrating success helping manufacturers elevate their brands and business through strategic marketing efforts, Vive Marketing is growing their brand with the addition of manufacturing capabilities designed specifically for marketing agencies and other professional companies.

“Being around the plastics industry for nearly my entire career, I saw the opportunity for Vive Marketing to be a successful business model,” said Teresa Schell, President and Owner of Vive. “Nearly 14 years later, I see the same opportunity, this time it’s manufacturing traditional office supplies – for marketers by markets. We know what professionals in office settings need, and we will provide it better than before.”

After securing a 42,000 sq. ft. facility in North Milwaukee, less than 10 miles away from their downtown headquarters, Vive 2 will house six to eight injection molding machines equipped with automation. The company is actively securing top talent and ISO certifications.

“With our new facility being so close, we will be able to monitor both sides of the company easily,” said Schell. “We’re excited about our growth and the new solutions we will be able to provide.”

Despite the ongoing resin shortages, Vive remains confident in its ability to provide unique manufacturing capabilities.

“The bonus of working with so many in the industry is we have developed meaningful relationships, said Schell. “These relationships will be critical to our success and will help us to overcome the immediate challenges of the industry.”

Vive Marketing will continue to look for new ways to provide innovative solutions to the industry. As a company with a great sense of humor, we enjoy a prank and are pleased to say April Fools’.


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