Alleviating Marketing Burdens — For You!

Vive Marketing launches, “It’s Vive O’Clock Somewhere” to stimulate conversations about the current marketing challenges facing your company in a stress-free discussion.

Since 2007, Vive has had tremendous success with manufacturers, especially in the plastics and metals industry segments, driving and supporting marketing initiatives that include communication channels that complement sales efforts. Whatever hurdles are in the way, Vive is ready to help by beginning with a relaxed marketing chat.

Built from Jimmy Buffet’s hit song, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”, we believe there is never a bad time to start the marketing conversation. For years, this iconic song has become a mantra for unwinding from a hard day’s work, no matter the actual time of day. This time is often used to reflect on the day in a relaxed setting, celebrating what went well or to destress about the work that needs more energy tomorrow.

“I envision a ‘Vive O’Clock Somewhere’ campaign to be the casual fire-starter for deeper marketing discussions with business leaders that will result in the creation of enhanced brand visibility for their company,” noted Teresa Schell, Owner of Vive Marketing. “A laid-back conversation over a favorite beverage removes the stress and proves that marketing conversations occur best when it aligns with the timing of one’s personal Vive O’Clock!”

If your marketing strategy feels like it’s lacking or needs adjusting a boost, join us for a friendly conversation, any time of the day. Your Vive O’Clock discussion could be about a logo that needs to be updated, a refreshed marketing strategy, or new sales tools to increase buyer awareness of your company’s why – the purpose that makes your company and its offerings unique.

Vive wants to take the stress out of marketing discussions. Unlike happy hour, Vive O’Clock starts with you. We know that everyone’s Vive O’Clock is different. Whether it is morning coffee or an afternoon brew, the Vive team is ready to discuss marketing with you.

If you have a branding, advertising or website need, or if you are exploring the creation of a new company video, Vive is here for you. Whenever it’s Vive O’Clock for you, our approachable team is ready to chat. Complete the contact form to start the conversation. Not ready? Explore our services and work.