What We Love About Wisconsin

Happy National Wisconsin Day!

On this third annual National Wisconsin Day, we take delight in celebrating the many things this state has to offer. We have friends, family and clients that ask us why we live here. Why do we live in the home of “The Frozen Tundra“, a state where the temperatures can be in the negatives and a place where six inches of snow is not a big deal? We live here because we love our home state and our home city.

From the Northwoods to the Third Ward, we love the sights, sounds and people, the fishing, hunting and exploring, and the beer, cheese and custard. There is so much to love about Wisconsin; here is what our team loves most about America’s Dairyland.

Deb – Year-Round Traditions

Picking just one thing is not easy, as my list can go on and on! Most who know me would guess I’d say the different ethnic festivals, especially German Fest, and they would not be wrong. However, I have to say what I love is going to Brewers games, eating brats and drinking a good, and correctly made, old-fashioned!

Proof that there is more than one thing to like about Wisconsin, it is hard to stop gushing when you live in such a great state with so much to do all year round! Great lakes for boating, amazing hiking trails, and decent skiing – for the Midwest! I have lived in New York, Colorado, Michigan, and even abroad in Germany, but Wisconsin keeps calling me home. It is true; you do not realize what is in front of you until you are away from it.

Jared – Wisconsin Sports, At Least Most of Them

While we might be known for our beer, there isn’t much I love more than going to sports games in Wisconsin. From cheering on my favorite team, the Milwaukee Bucks (aka NBA Champions), to jumping around before the fourth quarter at Badger Football games, Wisconsin is home to great sports.

With a team for every season, there is always something to watch and while I am a Vikings fan, I can appreciate the culture and love what the Cheesehead state represents for the Green and Gold. I would never miss an opportunity to visit the historic Lambeau Field, especially for a Vikings win!

Kyle – Sports, Eats and Great Traditions

As a life-long Wisconsinite, there is so much that I love about my home state. While being a Wisconsin Sports Fan will always top my list, as long as you do not bring up the NFC Championship Game, the 2018 NLCS Game 7 or The Bucks in the Bubble, I also am a big fan of the traditions, the festivals and the food!

With musical festivals from Eau Claire to Milwaukee and everywhere in between, some of the best festivals and so many views to take in at parks, trails and lakes, Wisconsin truly comes alive in the summer.

The winter is not so bad here either, once you buy a warm jacket. Winter in Wisconsin includes some great activities including, snow tubing, exploring ice caves, and the iconic Birkie (American Birkebeiner).

Hungry? Good! In Wisconsin, there is no limit on great food choices or cheese. With a never-ending quest to find the best pizza and burger, Wisconsin has plenty of great eats, and of course, to top it off, we have custard, which is so much better than ice cream. At the end of the day, when you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all.

Nick – The Views, The Lakes and The Eats

I love Wisconsin for its terrific towns and cities, villages and little hidden locations throughout the state. From the downtown Milwaukee sights to tranquil views of the many inland lakes, there are so many breathtaking places to see in Wisconsin that people often overlook.

Holy Hill, the North Point Lighthouse, The Apostle Islands and Devils Lake State Park are just a few places across the state that showcase the incredible views and experiences here. After exploring, there are so many unique and superb establishments to eat at all across the state.

In Wisconsin, there is so much to explore!

Linda – “Midwest Nice”

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I like to say I am proud to be a Wisconsinite. One reason is that I believe that a majority of our population follows the “Midwest Nice” way of life…. outside of lending a helping hand to our neighbor or a stranger, we use the word ‘Ope’ interchangeable with excuse me or saying sorry for no reason. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and are looking for a good laugh, check out Charlie Berens’ Instagram profile.

The other reason I love Wisconsin is its Summer and Fall festivals. Even though those are a no-go right now, I look forward to the day those social events happen again, and I can order my favorite Saz’s sampler platter!

Teresa – Four Seasons & Activities for All

Why do I like Wisconsin? First, it would be our change in seasons. We can count on hot summer days, a cool-crisp fall, snow in the winter and winds during the spring. If you have lived here long enough, you might have experienced more than one of these in the SAME day!

With 47 state parks and thousands of river miles and lakes, Wisconsin not only offers outdoor activities year-round but different activities throughout the year. What starts with a fresh, fall-colored hike on park trails in October translates to snowshoeing two months later on the same path. What may begin with snowmobiling across a frozen northern lake in March translates to boating on a pontoon two months later on the same waters. The state is full of unique landscapes to explore and create memories with friends and family.

Now that you know why we love ‘The Badger State”, consider visiting us when the pandemic clears. How long has it been since you have had a squeaky cheese curd? Next time you visit Vive Marketing, we will deliver that experience, or we can send you some to remind you of us!

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