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What’s the Difference between Branding and Marketing?

In the marketing world, two terms tend to get lumped together: Marketing and Branding. Many people tend to view both as the same, but in reality, they are two very different concepts. It’s important for businesses to understand what each term represents, and what the difference between them is, in order to use each one effectively to grow their company.

Definitions of Branding vs. Marketing

What is Marketing?  Marketing is what companies do to connect with their customers so they will buy their products and services. It is the set of tools they use to actively promote their products and services through commercials, advertisements, and social media.

What is Branding? Branding is the art of defining a company’s why, and how it’s unique to them. Branding is a company’s mission, vision, and values, and it includes brand elements such as the company logo, website, and brand guidelines. Branding impacts both customers and internal culture.

Essentially, branding makes people FEEL something, whereas marketing makes people DO something. Marketing gets people to try a company out for the first time and branding is what keeps them coming back. For example, if a brand was Coca-Cola, branding would exemplify the joy and refreshment drinking soda can bring. Meanwhile, the marketing would be through commercials, social media, and ad campaigns, getting customers excited to drink Coca-Cola.

Key Differences Between Branding and Marketing

Marketing promotes products and services, while branding defines who a company is. A separate strategy is needed for both, and each has different goals and results.

→ Branding is first, and marketing is second.

Before beginning a marketing strategy, businesses need to figure out who they are as a brand, who their customer base is, and the best ways to connect with that customer. Once they establish their brand, they can begin to build their marketing strategy.

→ Marketing brings sales, whereas branding brings loyalty and recognition.

Branding is long-term and doesn’t have the immediate impact marketing brings. However, good branding will have an impact on sales in the long run, as businesses build more brand recognition over time. Marketing gets the leads, sales convert the leads, and branding cultivates the leads.

→ Marketing GETS a customer’s attention, while branding KEEPS a customer’s attention.

Marketing is required to gain the attention of a customer and is extremely necessary. Once marketing is established, branding then steps in to keep their attention by building a brand that they connect with.

→ Marketing strategies change, but branding is forever.

When marketing a business, the strategies change as time goes on. The goals are short-term to generate a response.  A brand is shaped by the audience, which creates a long-term relationship, building loyalty and creating value.

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