Did you know the best-performing websites post 11 to 16 blogs per month? Most websites fail to reach this many blogs per year!

Blogs are crucial to maintain and strengthening your website’s domain authority. Why? Because blogs are flooded with keywords and content that positions your brand as a subject matter expert in your field. Which over time, will give you extra ‘bonus points’ with Google. And frankly, your readers. 

Our team of content writers is experienced in creating riveting and storytelling write-ups that resonate with your audience and is compiled of key descriptive words and vernacular.

We get it, B2B manufacturing-type eblasts aren’t as attractive as the “30% off your next pair of jeans” promotional emails we all receive from our favorite retailers. BUT, email marketing campaigns are another necessary touchpoint to connect your audience to your brand. In our industry, e-blasts are best utilized for upcoming trade show involvement, new equipment updates, new personnel, and much more! Vive’s here to keep your brand top-of-mind with timely and relevant email marketing campaigns. 

Just like our summer golf outings, competitive cornhole tournaments, or sand volleyball leagues, you have to pay to play. The same applies to the #1 search engine in the world — Google.  

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a strategic form of digital marketing that involves bidding on certain keywords to position your brand (URL) within the first few Google results after a specific user search query. Want to show up at the top of page one for injection molding? What about medical manufacturing? PPC (and Vive) can get you there. 

Warming up your soup at work —  what do you do while you wait? You probably grab your phone and scroll through social media. Fun fact, the average consumer spends approximately 2.5 hours per day on social media. Are you there when they are? You need to be. 

To get you there, Vive will create a quarterly social media calendar for your brand that outlines the content, graphics, hashtags, tags, and date of posts so you don’t skip a beat. Ready to steal some screen time? 

Backed by your vision and with the support of Vive’s recommended web developer, our experienced digital team drives the design, development, and fresh content verbiage that results in a website that turns heads and exemplifies your differentiator(s).

A revamped or refreshed website is nothing without proper SEO best practices in place. Vive will lead the execution and implementation of meta descriptions, title tags, headers, alt txt, and more! Let’s tell your story, together

Print and digital advertising are functional marketing tools to position your brand as a subject matter expert. Vive has established healthy relationships with industry-specific publications like Plastics NewsPlastics TechnologyPlastics Business Magazine & Metal Forming. Realizing your customers use these resources as a foundation to make business decisions, we take pride in creating compelling campaigns that stop a reader in their tracks.

A human’s average attention span is 8.5 seconds. In other words, intelligent-sounding website copy isn’t enough to captivate the curiosity of your website viewers. We energetically suggest enhancing your 24/7 sales tool with professionally captured custom photography. Do you have a unique manufacturing facility? What about an impressive machinery lineup? Showcase it with custom photography. You won’t regret it. — Oh, and don’t worry, our team will do the heavy liftin’.

What’s one of the first pieces of material your prospect or customer sees? Sales Collateral. Our team of content writers and graphic designers takes ample time creating marketing deliverables that not only last but stand out. Have a trade show or talent-recruitment fair on the horizon? Stand out with branded marketing collateral pieces. 

Having deep ties to industry-specific manufacturing trade shows like the KShow, NPEFABTECH, and MD&M, we understand the eagerness to capture an attractive ROI. Vive supports this initiative by developing a strategic pre, during, and post-show marketing strategy.

Nothing beats a classic face-to-face conversation. We’re here to provide the best booth aesthetic, look, feel, and welcoming sensation to get those professional exchanges started.

Videos help vividly illustrate services, capabilities, or even proven success. In fact, studies have shown that video viewers retain 95% more of a message when they watch it, compared to 10% when reading it.

Pass the baton to us. 

Our team will lead the communication storyboard planning and editing, script, music, graphic text, voice-over, and edit recommendations.

Our team will help you find the best creative branding concepts for your business, and we can present brand identity packages based on what you want to convey to the world. You’ll talk directly with Vive’s graphic designer for any edit recommendations so we can create the perfect branding package for your company.

An outdated logo is usually perceived as an old-fashion company. Therefore, a new or refreshed brand identity tells your audience you’re progressive and advancing with the times. Before the sketches begin, we listen to preferences, then our creative team leads with ideas that will result in getting your mark noticed and remembered.

Vive places a strong emphasis on analysis when on-boarding new clients. In order to establish core messaging and marketing goals, Vive conducts an in-depth Zweck Analysis® to help us better understand the core competencies of your company, how you approach business and the true purpose behind what you do. This workshop is a deep search into the business cores to determine the Why statement. Secondly, customer interviews are conducted in the external analysis to bring in the customer-driven voice.

Vive utilizes the internal and external feedback to update a relevant, accurate marketing message used as the foundation of your brand’s communications and deliverables. We’ll also update the company’s boilerplate to capture the broad overview of your company’s offerings and unique differentiators, which can also be utilized in press releases, directories, and newsletters.

Capturing brand traits is important to your overall marketing strategy, and at Vive we support the development of the best approach for marketing your business. During the planning phase, we look to obtain key descriptors to figure out the best method of creating your particular communication strategy. The purpose of a marketing plan should not operate in a silo and should align with the company’s business plan and growth objectives. That’s why we ask the right questions to obtain numbers to grow by, where marketing will have an impact!

Worthy business news deserves to be shared within the industry. Vive interviews internal subject matter experts to author press releases tailored to your company’s specific highlight. Due to our long-standing relationships with industry publications, when Vive submits a press release, its respected as accurate and valuable, offering your business the publicity it’s seeking.

Our team understands the importance of a first impression.

Are you planning a first-time meeting with a potential client? Vive can help organize, plan, and facilitate corporate meetings that meet your desired expectations and wow your audience.

Client and employee satisfaction should be equally important. How are you developing team culture? If you’re not sure where to start, Vive can help improve team camaraderie by advancing team buy-in through company swag, fun culture activities, and employee appreciation.