Creative Marketing for Manufacturers

Why is Creative Marketing Important?

Creative marketing is what sets you apart from your competitors as well as your old self. A new ad campaign, fresh photography or videography, a large event at an upcoming trade show – these are all perfect opportunities to creatively introduce yourself to the world.

The creative team at Vive has the chops and experience to deliver you something unique and memorable.

Our Creative Marketing Services for Manufacturers Include:


Print and digital advertising are creative yet functional marketing tools to position your brand as a subject matter expert. Vive has established healthy relationships with industry-specific publications in manufacturing industries like Plastics News, Plastics Technology, Plastics Business, and Metal Forming Magazine. Realizing your customers use these resources as a foundation to make business decisions, we take pride in creating compelling campaigns that stop a reader in their tracks.

Photo & Video

The average attention span is 8.5 seconds. In other words, intelligent-sounding website copy isn’t enough to captivate the curiosity of your website viewers. We may have even lost you by this point. But if we haven’t, know that Vive emphatically suggests enhancing your 24/7 sales tool with professionally captured custom photography. Our team will do the heavy lifting. Videos too help vividly illustrate services, capabilities, or even proven success. In fact, studies have shown that video viewers retain 95% more of a message when they watch it, compared to 10% when reading it. Pass the baton to us. Our team will lead the storyboard planning and editing, script, music, visuals, voice-over, and editing recommendations.

Trade Show Booth Design

Having deep ties to industry-specific manufacturing trade shows like the KShow, NPE, FABTECH, and MD&M, we understand the eagerness to capture leads and produce a successful ROI. Vive supports this initiative by developing a strategic pre-, during, and post-show marketing strategy. We’re here to provide the best booth aesthetic to get those professional exchanges started.

Sales Collateral

What’s one of the first pieces of material your prospect or customer sees? Sales collateral. Our team of content writers and graphic designers are experts at creating marketing deliverables that not only last but stand out. Have a manufacturing trade show or talent-recruitment fair on the horizon? Stand out with branded marketing collateral pieces.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Let’s talk.