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Sometimes just talking aloud in a group setting can bring forth concepts and ideas that would’ve never blossomed elsewhere.

The Zweck Analysis® hones in on key brand characteristics that help differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Every company needs a boilerplate – approximately 100 words or less that serve as your elevator pitch. Think press releases, LinkedIn profiles, trade show directories, etc.

Our secret blend of thoughtful and engaging questions helps us identify what your customers believe to be your strengths and weaknesses.

Feedback from the customer interview process combined with aspects of the internal analysis lets Vive witness the cream rising to the top.

In an on-site meeting with leadership, you truly learn how you’re currently being perceived by your customers. This step is crucial AND fun.

External Analysis

Develop a Marketing
Message Platform

Taking the internal and external analysis, Vive creates your go-to verbiage that perfectly describes your company in a nutshell.

Once developed, your unique marketing message platform is implemented throughout all media channels with a consistent voice. Don’t speak out of both sides of your mouth!

If you omitted your company’s name from your boilerplate, would you still know it’s you? The difference between good and great lies in a marketing message that is distinctly different than your competitors.

This is where the fun begins! All the hard work we put in during the first few phases finally begins to pay off when Vive builds marketing materials based on your new messaging.

Whether it’s the web, social media, a printed piece of collateral, an advertisement, or anything else you can think of – your message remaining consistent will build trust in your brand.

See above. Consistent messaging means YOU dictate your brand perception, every day, building equity in your brand.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Manufacturers Zweck Analysis® Testimonials

"Great teamwork goes a long way! This was transparent during our strategic onboarding with the Zweck Analysis®. We enjoyed the Vive team's energy and expertise as we exercised this thorough workshop which represented a deeper dive into our organization to understand our purpose for being in business -- our why."
Ron Ringleben
VP of Business Development
"Conair engaged with Vive as its primary marketing partner for several years. Vive came to Conair's offices and led several exercises including a Zweck Analysis® to give us an idea of our true purpose for being in business and what our brand means to our customers and in the market."
Sam Rajkovich
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
"With assistance from Vive Marketing, we have experienced measurable success due to their strategic marketing plan and deliverables. Through Vive’s Zweck Analysis® and branding exercises, we defined our brand and core competencies to promote within the plastics industry.
Elizabeth Detampel
Sales & Marketing Coordinator