Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers

Why is a Defined Strategy Important?

Strategy is where the entire journey starts. Here at Vive, we begin with our own registered Zweck Analysis® that determines your unique WHY. From there, everything else follows.

Strategy with Vive usually includes a mix of customer interviews, onsite visits, workshops, and roadmap meetings. Once this foundation is set, we’ve got something solid to build on for the future.

Our Marketing Strategies Include:

Zweck Analysis®

Vive places a strong emphasis on internal analysis when onboarding new clients. In order to establish core messaging and marketing goals, we conduct an in-depth Zweck Analysis® to help us better understand how you approach business and the true purpose behind what you do. This workshop is a deep dive to determine your WHY statement.

Customer Interviews

Just as important as the internal review, customer interviews are conducted in the external analysis to bring in the customer-driven voice. We gather this feedback via brief phone calls with your current clients and an online survey option to boot.

P.S. This exercise helps check ISO re-certification(s). 

Marketing Message Foundation

Once the internal and external feedback is gathered, then the magic happens. Vive updates your marketing message to a more relevant, accurate message that can be used as the foundation of your brand’s communications and deliverables. We’ll also update your boilerplate to capture the elevator pitch of your offerings and key differentiators.

Marketing Plan Roadmap

During the planning phase, we look for your key descriptors to determine the best communication strategy. A marketing plan should not operate in a silo; instead, it should align with the company’s business plan and growth objectives. That’s why we ask the right questions to obtain your benchmark and goal numbers.

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