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  • Teresa and the Vive Team did a great job helping us through the rebranding process. Their creative talent, attention to both detail and deadlines and ability to turn feedback into positive results not only allowed us to launch a successful brand but also finished within our budget and time line.
    Kevin Wettstein
    Amco Polymers
  • As a strategic and collaborative partner, Vive played a critical role in defining and communicating our brand. Functioning as true members of our organization, the Vive team interviewed our business partners to identify our core differentiating qualities. It then developed and executed an integrated communications strategy that included advertising, website presence, trade show participation and collateral literature. Thanks in part to Vive’s contributions, our business has experienced accelerating growth and share gains in an otherwise flat market in the following ways:
    • Has aided our ability in recruiting
    • Has validated our suppliers’ decision to be our partners
    • Over the past 4 years, we have grown an average of 6-7% in an industry that has grown less than 3%. September 30th was the conclusion of our FY15. Since FY12, (4 years) we have grown 15.8%. Some of that has come through acquisition, but I trust that our brand awareness contributed to that as well.
    Marc Fern
  • Vive lead our NPE 2015 planning efforts and this trade show has proven to be our most successful marketing effort in the last 17 years. We exceeded our qualified lead goal by 300%! I give Vive their fair share of credit and then some for this success! Our marketing efforts now match the high performance results we generate internally. This would not have been possible without Vive.
    Mike Zacharias
    President, Extreme Tool & Engineering
  • Network Polymers never tied together an overall and cohesive marketing and communication plan. Teresa Schell started with the basics and helped us build an effective marketing plan that drove measurable results. Teresa quickly identified our strengths which enabled us to leverage those strengths to support growth. We also felt comfortable with Teresa because she came from the same industry as our customers. Our working relationship was a true partnership where we felt Teresa and her team was a direct extension of our employees.
    Jeff Stachler
    Business Development Manager, Network Polymers
  • Vive brought many valuable and highly creative ideas to the video project. I also experienced a momentous synergy working with them which only works in an environment of trust. I would highly recommend the Vive team to anyone considering a video project or marketing campaign.
    Tom Platenberg
    Owner, Best Light Image
  • Vive was instrumental in helping us define our core strengths and identity. This lead to a very successful name change, rebrand and website rollout. Throughout the whole process Vive presented themselves with the utmost ethics and professionalism. They were truly an asset for our company, and I give them my highest recommendation.
    Kevin Karpinsky
    Chief Operating Officer, Profile Xtrusions
  • Vive is an integral part of our sales and marketing strategy. They have helped us to identify and understand our strengths, which enabled us to leverage those strengths to support sales growth. Our partnership with Vive provides us with an important link between our sales efforts and how we position and promote our company and products to our target markets.
    Brent Todd
    Vice President Sales/Marketing, Parish Manufacturing
  • Vive and their team provided top notch guidance for getting our Marketing efforts off the ground. This included website direction, market analysis and brochure creation. I highly recommend them for corporations looking to increase visibility at the customer level.
    Kevin Bajus
    Sales & Marketing, Magenta, LLC
  • When a company like ours decides to re-brand itself it’s like walking down an unlit hallway, you're moving but not sure if you are headed in the right direction; Vive helped us to clearly see what we wanted from our new image and helped guide us to a successful completion. Thanks for all of your support!
    Bob MacIntosh
    President, Nicolet Plastics
  • The best word to describe Teresa Schell and her team at Vive is simply "professional". She came in and met with our team to determine a course of action that made sense for us. Being a small company, our resources are fairly limited and Teresa was patient yet persistent to help us continue forward progress. I would certainly recommend Vive to my peers.
    James Doster
    President, SPI Industries
  • Teresa understands the broader business picture, knowing that all the pieces must fit together to bring ultimate success to a marketing strategy. Her plan for DeKALB was direct and focused. Teresa is a "hands on" leader whose personality complements our diverse team.
    Rick Walters
    President, DeKALB Molded Plastics
  • We set out to select a marketing firm that would enhance our growth efforts – we clearly needed more customer awareness. We were looking for a company with industry expertise, creative depth and a demonstrated drive for success. Looking back since 2014, our organization is thrilled to have a partner like Vive. It was a great choice. Measuring marketing results can be difficult for many organizations. For PTS the measurement is simple – our buying customer base has grown for 4 straight years. We now have over 105 more customers (a 35% increase) than when we started with Vive. The Vive team has been a true extension of our commercial organization.
    Jim Legacy
    VP Commercial Development, Polymer Technology & Services
  • I would like to thank the team at Vive for all of the support that they have provided me in growing my Plastic Manufacturing business. The entire team at Vive treated me as if I was a million dollar account when the reality is I am probably, if not definitely, their smallest account. It is that type of customer service and professionalism that separate Vive from any other marketing company around. I would recommend them to any one that wants to have a world class organization as part of their team.
    Corbin Cowan
    Fast Plastic Parts
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