Email Marketing

We get it, B2B manufacturing-type eblasts aren’t as attractive as the “30% off your next pair of jeans” promotional emails we all receive from our favorite retailers. BUT, email marketing campaigns are another necessary touchpoint to connect your audience to your brand. In our industry, e-blasts are best utilized for upcoming trade show involvement, new equipment updates, new personnel, and much more! Vive’s here to keep your brand top-of-mind with timely and relevant email marketing campaigns. 

Vive Marketing - Email Marketing Mockup
Vive Marketing - Pay Per Click Advertising Mockup

Paid Search (PPC)

Just like our summer golf outings, competitive cornhole tournaments, or sand volleyball leagues, you have to pay to play. The same applies to the #1 search engine in the world — Google.  

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a strategic form of digital marketing that involves bidding on certain keywords to position your brand (URL) within the first few Google results after a specific user search query. Want to show up at the top of page one for injection molding? What about medical manufacturing? PPC (and Vive) can get you there. 

Social Media

Warming up your soup at work —  what do you do while you wait? You probably grab your phone and scroll through social media. Fun fact, the average consumer spends approximately 2.5 hours per day on social media. Are you there when they are? You need to be. 

To get you there, Vive will create a quarterly social media calendar for your brand that outlines the content, graphics, hashtags, tags, and date of posts so you don’t skip a beat. Ready to steal some screen time? 

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Vive Marketing - Website & SEO Mockup

Website & SEO

Backed by your vision and with the support of Vive’s recommended web developer, our experienced digital team drives the design, development, and fresh content verbiage that results in a website that turns heads and exemplifies your differentiator(s).

A revamped or refreshed website is nothing without proper SEO best practices in place. Vive will lead the execution and implementation of meta descriptions, title tags, headers, alt txt, and more! Let’s tell your story, together

Blogs & Case Studies

Did you know the best-performing websites post 11 to 16 blogs per month? Most websites fail to reach this many blogs per year!

Blogs are crucial to maintain and strengthening your website’s domain authority. Why? Because blogs are flooded with keywords and content that position your brand as a subject matter expert in your field. Which over time, will give you extra ‘bonus points’ with Google. And frankly, your readers. 

Our team of content writers is experienced in creating riveting and storytelling write-ups that resonate with your audience and is compiled of key descriptive words and vernacular.

Vive Marketing - Whitepapers & Blogs Graphic