The "Build Your Own" Package

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Measure data collected from your website, social, and e-blasts to analyze success of pre-, during, and/or post-show marketing strategies.

Manage all booth creative, hardware, and logistics

Oversee the management of an interactive booth display (think touch screen monitors, video displays, etc.).

Oversee the management of your booth’s feel and overall UX (user experience) to ensure customers are engaged throughout their visit.

Oversee the management and all logistics involved with your booth, including any interactive displays.

Facilitate Vive’s patented brand immersion session to help develop messaging themes. Understand your brand. Learn your core competencies. 

Develop and deploy e-blasts for pre-, during, and post-show contact.

Manage general projects and timelines, making sure you have the best NPE experience.

Collaborate with Vive’s preferred programmatic advertising partner for geo-targeting or fencing.

Source and design custom promotional items (think apparel, giveaways) with a Vive-approved vendor.

Develop or redesign sales tools.

Craft a social media calendar to deploy posts pre-, during, and post-show.

Manage sponsorship opportunities (publications, directory listings, onsite branding, etc.).

Plan and produce an in-booth video for social and marketing purposes.

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