Casual Discussions for a Refreshed Marketing Approach

Vive wants to take the stress out of marketing. To do this, we launched our “It’s Vive O’Clock Somewhere” campaign to stimulate discussions about the current marketing challenges facing your company during a stress-free conversation.

What is Vive O'Clock Somewhere?

Inspired by Jimmy Buffet’s hit song, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”, the purpose of the campaign is to encourage a time to engage in a friendly conversation at any time of the day about marketing, reminding everyone that there is never a bad time to start the conversation. Whether a morning java or afternoon brews, Vive wants to start a marketing conversation with you!

Everyone’s challenge or Vive O’Clock is different. With our experience, we have identified some common pitfalls, but no matter what the challenge is, Vive is here for you. Your Vive O’Clock discussion could be about where to start for any advertising, branding, website or video needs, or how to refresh a tired logo. It all starts with a simple conversation on ReViving your brand.

What ReVive Means To Us

At Vive, reviving your brand does not have to mean a full-scale rebrand. Instead, we are highlighting effective ways to bring new excitement to your company. Examples of these opportunities include initiatives such as updating brand messaging to better align with current company focus, creating new marketing materials, or through a new, full marketing plan to bring new awareness to your brand.

Is it time for Vive?

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