Culture Development

Client and employee satisfaction should be equally important. How are you developing team culture? If you’re not sure where to start, Vive can help improve team camaraderie by advancing team buy-in through company swag, fun culture activities, and employee appreciation.

Vive Marketing - Culture Development Mockup
Vive Marketing - Meetings & Events Mockup

Corporate Meetings
& Events

Our team understands the importance of a first impression.

Are you planning a first-time meeting with a potential client? Vive can help organize, plan, and facilitate corporate meetings that meet your desired expectations and wow your audience.

Talent Recruitment

Let’s be honest, there is a disconnect between Human Resources & Marketing. Whether it be crafting modern talent recruitment collateral or supporting the aesthetic look of your next job fair booth, Vive’s here to help your company stand out — separating your brand, from the rest.

Vive Marketing - Talent Recruitment Graphic