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Episode 12: ReVive – The Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

Introduction to m-hub

In this episode of ReVive, host Jared Falkner is joined by Andrea Tellan and Luca Teresi, the champions behind the world’s first global mobile app for the plastic manufacturing industry, m-hub. This app helps plastic manufacturers promote their company to better target customers and to help them search for new partners worldwide. Interested in learning how to utilize m-hub for your plastic manufacturing business? Check it out here.

Give me the high-level: ReVive in 5

Could you please provide and give the audience a glimpse of what m-hub is, where they can download it, and what the price is? – (2:31)

“This is the first global mobile app for the plastics industry, and so users and customers are generally proficient working in the plastics industry. After downloading the app they can simply create an account and after that can search for any company, product, or machinery available on the platform, and once users find what they need they can simply chat directly with the other party inside the app. This kind of search is suitable for buyers who are looking for new vendors, but also for engineers who are looking for a company that specializes in a specific process or a specific material. For business owners who want to draw up a brief competitor analysis, or for tooling managers who are in dire need of a machine for an urgent tryout.

“On the other hand, if you are a marketer, a business developer, or business owner interested in promoting your own company, you can create a company profile as well specifying your company details, your strengths, your expertise, and all those parameters which will match those search filters on the other side. And you can even create your products and your machinery to give your customers an idea of what your company’s doing.”

So besides being free, is there any particular reason why a listener today should download this app? – (4:11)

“I think the instant value is the ability to evaluate from the palm of your hand for free how many customers or suppliers are in a specific market you are interested in, whether you are already in the market, or whether you’re aiming to enter a new market. Plus, the ability to check instantly as soon as you log into the app.”

Do you think in the future there may be a point on this application… for any type of employment or talent recruitment? – (5:54)

“Since we started at the end of 2019, we’ve grown to a network of more than 15,000 professionals and nearly 2,500 companies. Around 55% of our users are accounts from Europe, 35% spread evenly in Asia, slightly above 15% that comes from the Americas, and the remaining from Africa and the Middle East. Of course, it’s still a drop in the ocean considering the millions of people and hundreds of thousands of companies in the plastics industry, but we believe we are going in the right direction anyway.

“It’s not yet a career platform, but it could become very well in the future. We received some requests from companies looking for candidates, so we are looking in that direction as well.”

Are there any statistics you’d be willing to share that illustrates that this is a growing platform? – (7:25)

“We’ve been growing at the pace of about 800 to 1000 users per month, and about 150 companies per month as well. We are adding products and machinery, and at this point we’ve reached 50,000 people, 2,400 companies, and more than 1,500 machines and products will be added to the platform. We are spread pretty evenly across the globe – our stronghold being Europe, where we come from. We have seen a strong interest in Asia and the Americas as well.”

So what’s next for the m-hub app as you continue to look for enhancements to the platform? – (10:44)

“At the moment, we are fully focused on the development of our web version which will increase the accessibility of the platform towards all those people who are back at the office or are working from home. We started with an application in 2019 because everybody was busy traveling around the world, catching the next plane, the next train, visiting customers, so we felt we needed an application. But with the pandemic, we spend all the more time in front of a desktop than in front of a smartphone, so we decided to focus on the development of a web version.”

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