Email marketing is an essential part of reaching customers in today’s digital world. For manufacturers looking to cut through the noise in 2024, eblasts offer a direct line to their audience. So far, in our digital marketing blog series, we’ve covered the ins and outs of social media for manufacturers, how to maximize your LinkedIn presence, and what defines a good social media strategy. Now, it’s time to zero in on email marketing for manufacturers, revealing the key practices that make eblasts effective. Let’s dive in and discuss what makes the best eblast content, how to determine the right amount to share, and why your subject line and preview text are among the most important parts of a successful eblast.


Eblast Best Practices for B2B Manufacturers

In the B2B sector, an eblast is a powerful digital marketing strategy for manufacturers looking to communicate with businesses that might benefit from their products or services. It’s a form of direct email marketing aimed at engaging a segment of the professional audience to inform, educate, or persuade them to take action.

To reach decision-makers effectively, manufacturers should integrate the following eblast best practices:

1) Audience Segmentation

Manufacturers often serve diverse industries with varying needs. Segmenting your email list by industry type, company size, or position in the buying cycle can ensure your message resonates with each recipient, whether they’re engineers needing detailed specs or procurement managers looking for cost-effective solutions.

2) Personalization

In B2B marketing, a personal touch is critical. Use what you know about the business or contact to tailor your message. A subject line that addresses the recipient’s specific business need can increase open rates significantly in a professional setting.

3) Clear and Actionable Calls to Action (CTAs)

Given that time is at a premium in the business world, your CTAs must be unambiguous and purpose-driven. For instance, inviting a potential customer to a webinar to learn about advanced manufacturing processes can be more effective than a generic call to join an email list.

4) Mobile Optimization

Professionals often check their email on the go. Ensuring that your eblasts are mobile-optimized can help convey your message effectively to a busy executive or manager.

5) Timing and Frequency

Understanding the operational tempo of your target industry is critical. Scheduling eblasts for when your audience is most likely to be in “research mode,” such as at the end of the fiscal year when budgets are being developed for the following year, can improve engagement rates.

6) Use of Engaging Visuals

Visuals for manufacturers need to do more than just capture attention; they must also convey complex information efficiently. Diagrams, infographics, or videos that showcase machinery or illustrate processes can be highly effective.

7) A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, compares two versions of a webpage, email, or other marketing assets against each other to determine which one performs better. It involves showing version ‘A’ to one group and version ‘B’ to another and comparing the results to see which version is more effective engaging users and achieving the campaign’s goals. This approach remains a cornerstone of effective eblast campaigns in the B2B space. Manufacturers might test different technical specifications, industry-specific language, or value propositions to see what strikes a chord with business clients. By systematically testing these variables, businesses can gather data-driven insights to optimize their marketing strategies and improve conversion rates.



Balancing Your Content – How Much is Too Much?

In B2B marketing for manufacturers, the saying “time is money” could not be more apt, especially when it comes to email communication. The effectiveness of an eblast often hinges on the delicate balance of providing enough information to be valuable yet concise enough to respect the recipient’s time. The right content length is crucial to keep potential business clients engaged without overwhelming them.

Information overload can lead to eblast fatigue, where recipients might ignore emails altogether if they anticipate a time-consuming read. This is particularly true in the manufacturing industry, where decision-makers prefer spending time on the production floor or in strategic meetings rather than sifting through dense emails. Overloading eblasts with too much content can result in low engagement rates, with key messages lost in a sea of text.

To strike the right balance, here are some guidelines for determining the optimal amount of content in your eblasts:

1) Keep Messages Clear and Concise
Eblasts are not white papers; they should be direct and to the point. Provide a snapshot of your message and offer links to additional information. This approach respects the reader’s time while inviting them to delve deeper into subjects of interest at their discretion.
2) Balance Text with Visuals
Manufacturers have the advantage of visually appealing processes and products that can often convey more than words. Balance your eblast with high-quality images, diagrams, or videos that can quickly communicate complex ideas or demonstrate product benefits.
3) Focus on One Main Message or Call to Action
Each eblast should have a single, clear focus. Whether it’s an invite to a trade show, an introduction to a new product line, or a special offer, the call to action should be unmistakable. A focused message prevents confusion and makes it easier for the recipient to take the next step.

By maintaining a disciplined approach to content length and composition, manufacturers can ensure that their eblasts are an anticipated and welcomed sight in their recipients’ inboxes.

The Power of Subject Lines and Preview Text

The success of an eblast in the manufacturing industry hinges on the subject line – often the first and possibly the only chance to capture the attention of busy professionals. Subject lines act as gatekeepers, determining whether an email gets opened or sent to the digital trash bin. They set the stage for the message inside and can significantly influence the open rate.

Creating an impactful subject line doesn’t have to be intimidating. To make your eblast stand out in a crowded inbox, craft your subject lines to be clear about the topic of the eblast and directly state the benefit to the reader. For example, “Increase Efficiency with Our Latest CNC Solutions – See How” clearly indicates what the eblast is about and why the reader should care. Your goal should be to evoke curiosity without being misleading; be careful not to tip over into clickbait, avoiding grand proclamations like “You Won’t Believe What This Machine Can Do!” which may disappoint or mislead the reader if the content doesn’t fulfill that promise.

The preview text complements the subject line and offers a snapshot of what’s inside the email. Think of it as an extension of the subject line or an elevator pitch for your eblast: it should be compelling and informative, providing just enough insight to pique the recipient’s interest without giving away the entire message. For example, pairing the subject line above with preview text like “Explore our cutting-edge CNC advancements and their real-world applications” can further clarify the eblast’s intent and encourage opens.

Together, the subject line and preview text are the one-two punch of your email’s initial impression. These critical components can determine whether your eblast is read or ignored – taking the time to carefully create and refine them is essential for the success of your email marketing efforts.



Email marketing for manufacturers is a vital tool that provides a direct and measurable method to engage with industry professionals. Using best practices, balancing your content, and writing effective subject lines and preview text will set your eblasts up for success.

However, the effectiveness of an eblast campaign is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor – it requires continually refining your strategy to better meet the needs of your audience. Stay tuned for the next installment in our digital marketing for manufacturing blog series, where we’ll delve deeper into how to best optimize your eblasts. Until then, Vive is here to help with your email marketing campaigns and other digital marketing strategies – contact us today to learn more about our expertise in the best marketing strategies for manufacturing companies!