Episode 1: Re:Vive Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

TypeOrange: Branding, Logo Design & Snow Sculpting

Vive is ecstatic to officially launch our new marketing podcast for manufacturers, ReVive. This podcast focuses on key subject matter that many manufacturing companies face from a marketing lens in today’s business landscape.

In the first episode of ReVive, Austin and Clint talk with Brett Tomczak, a graphic designer, and brand identity guru, about the process of rebranding, logo design, and the importance of consistent branding. Brett is the owner of TypeOrange, a design shop in Milwaukee, and brings numerous years of experience creating identities and logos for manufacturing companies across the United States.

Discover the challenges companies are facing when deciding whether to update their brand and why restricting the number of decision-makers can be key in going through a rebrand process. Not only does Brett use his unique design abilities for brands, but being from Wisconsin he also has a soft spot for snow.

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