Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers Should Blog

The benefits of blogging go far and beyond what a single blog post can explain. It is, without a doubt, a worthwhile venture that can lead you and your company to new heights. Below you’ll find five tips to get the juices flowing and give you ammunition for backing up your desire for a company blog.

Boost Traffic

An immediate benefit for the creation of a company blog is the increase in traffic to your website. If you host your blog via an external platform such as WordPress, be sure to have several ways for readers to link back to your website. The blog header is a great place to mimic the style of your homepage, with clickable buttons that drive traffic back to your company site. You can also nudge people to your site via clever calls-to-action within paragraphs and at the end of each post.

However, a sure-fire way of driving traffic to your site is to actually host the blog on a landing page within your website. Readers already have easy access to your other core messages and will be drawn to become more informed about your company’s capabilities and differentiators. Keep in mind that each blog post you create is yet another page that is indexed within Google, which allows for an increased opportunity to show up on the first page of a Google search.

Become a Thought Leader

With each post written you further establish your niche and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. When posts are filled with reliable and insightful information, readers will frequent your blog in search of more answers to their burning questions. Once your knowledge and expertise is firmly established in the minds of your audience, the chance of converting prospects to customers is greater.

Create a Back-and-Forth

Blogs, much like social media, are an essential tool for becoming more connected to your audience. By their nature, websites are a one-way communication channel. Blogs allow for the opportunity to actively engage in a dialogue with customers and others in the manufacturing world.

Cultivate Content

To appear more often in top pages, blogs should consist of original, relevant content that incorporates key words unique to your business. As stated above, each blog post is catalogued as a separate page in search engines, such as Google. Search engines are becoming smarter by the minute and can decipher between quality content and promotional “mumbo jumbo.” Blog posts can also be recycled; it is vital to take advantage of different social media channels by posting the link to your blog multiple times throughout a three or four week span, each time using different, intriguing title lines to entice readers to click.

Build Brand Awareness

Finally, a company blog is an excellent way to increase brand awareness! The more a prospective customer reads your content, the more they’ll associate your brand with expertise and quality. Although the time commitment needed to maintain a quality blog is a factor to consider, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Just remember: repurpose your content and position yourself as an expert in the industry. The possibilities are endless!