Vive Marketing & m-hub collaboration

Vive Marketing Partners with m-hub

One of the most important things you can do to grow your business is network. Networking can have a meaningful impact on your business by building long-term relationships and linking with others to strengthen business connections. It’s also a channel that will spark creativity, and that’s why Vive has recently partnered with m-hub to increase networking opportunities, specifically in the plastics industry.

What is m-hub?

Haven’t heard of m-hub yet? M-hub, published in 2019, is the first global app specifically for the plastics industry. While this seems like something that should already be in the mainstream, four plastics super-stars from m-hub, originating in Italy, saw the opportunity to do what nobody has – connect the global plastic market on a digital platform.

For years, one of the biggest struggles that customers and suppliers in the plastics industry have faced is a lack of visibility, market knowledge, and integration. The leadership team leveraged mobile technologies to develop a comprehensive platform that brings the plastics industry straight into your hands in an easy-to-use, one-stop solution.

After disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have learned how valuable it is to connect digitally. The complete platform meets the growing need to expand digital networking in the plastics industry, providing a new way to help connect customers and suppliers in the plastics supply chain. As the industry takes the next steps toward an increasingly digital future, this mobile network allows users to look for specific products, services, or machinery within the plastics industry.

Why Vive Partnered with m-hub

At Vive Marketing, we have a reputation for being the experts in marketing for manufacturing. To maintain that status, we are always staying at the forefront of the latest marketing trends. M-hub appealed to us because of its unique ability to showcase products and solutions, highlight machines, and discover products.

“The plastics industry is dependent on mutually beneficial partnerships, and this is a great example of that,” said Teresa Schell, President and Owner of Vive Marketing. “We look forward to the growing partnership with m-hub and are excited to see how this mobile platform transforms the plastics industry.”

Who’s using m-hub?

Designed to be an inclusive platform for the entire plastics supply chain, m-hub has a rapidly growing network. Whether you want to discover new leads, learn about new technologies, or showcase products or machines, m-hub is the perfect app for customers, suppliers, and industry professionals.

Currently, m-hub is adding more than 120 companies a month, headlined by some of the industry’s most well-known brands.

As a supplier, you would be joining currently enrolled companies like RJGMoldex3D, and Vive. This worldwide visibility positions your brand as a resource in the plastics supply chain. If you are a plastic processor, you would be joining currently enrolled companies like Silgan PlasticsEvco Plastics, and Trademark Plastics, which positions your company as a resource for plastic part production.

Please join Vive in welcoming m-hub to our plastics industry! We believe in the power of the network and look forward to having you join us on the platform. Registration is easy, and the app is free! Additionally, security certifications are applied, and your privacy is protected. Sign up today!