What’s In Store for Vive Marketing In 2024?

As 2023 came to an end, Vive closed the year with a tremendous list of accolades related to our visual identity. Projects included the branding and launch of our internal marketing services in the form of Vive-R, a refresh of our trade show displays, and heaps of UI/UX upgrades to our website – and that’s just scratching the surface of what we accomplished throughout last year. With all these successes piling up, it begs the question: What does Vive have in store for 2024?

This year is shaping up to be a memorable one for the team. As much as we would love to dive into all the exciting things happening behind closed doors here at our agency, we’re here to strictly speak about what our industry can expect from Vive visually throughout this year.




It should serve as no surprise to our industry friends that this year marks
the return of the gigantic event, NPE. With over 50,000 attendees walking
the floors ofthe Orange County Convention Center, it is critical that Vive stands out amongst the thousands of exhibitors. Enter one of Vive’s big splashes into the new year – our 2024 NPE exhibit.

While not being able to give away too much detail at this given moment, NPE2024 is gearing up to be quite the spectacle for Vive. If you have been keeping up with Plastic News and Plastics Business throughout the last two years, you may have stumbled upon one of our ads. Nostalgia mixed with a teaspoon of that Vive touch is the flavor we were after.

If this is a taste that blends well with your palette, then be on the lookout for what Vive will bring to our NPE2024 exhibit.



The natural progression of what makes Vive, Vive, continuously takes place not just internally, but externally as well. One of the biggest leaps that Vive took forward in 2023 was the acquisition of new headshots for our refined team, as well as a photo library chock-full of photography from around Milwaukee. But how does this affect Vive’s identity come 2024? Let me explain.

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re aware of Vive’s rigorous posting across LinkedIn. Practically every single post by Vive across social media is paired with some form of imagery, typically internally branded. Hence where the headshots and revamped photo library come into play.

Social posts serve as one of the key touchpoints where these assets see the light of day. Most recently, two team members celebrated their workiversaries at the beginning of the month. This serves as a prime example to showcase how these assets are put to use.

The headshots are only one piece of the puzzle. The missing piece lies in the large selection of Milwaukee photography that was internally shot. Being based in Milwaukee, it only makes sense to feature our city throughout our branding, not just in social media. Vive’s visual style paired with the imagery we collect is unique in the sense that almost any image serves as a usable asset. Referencing the social graphics that were featured above, most images are given a complete

overhaul in both color and texture. This allows nearly every image to play a vital role wherever it appears, regardless how sharp the image may be. As 2024 progresses, more and more social media featured on Vive’s platforms will be utilizing said imagery in a similar fashion.



What’s Next?

While only being three weeks into the new year, Vive is in hot pursuit of some large-scale projects debuting later in 2024. Aside from what has already been previously mentioned, followers of Vive can expect plenty of new changes to make their way onto our website and social channels as early as Q1. If you aren’t excited already then now is the perfect time to get into gear.

Interested in making your brand pop as well as Vive’s? Let’s talk.