ReVive : Episode 8 | What is Your Company’s Why?

What is your company’s why? And why is it important?

Vive Marketing is excited to announce the return of ReVive the marketing podcast for manufacturers! Featuring new Vive hosts, Kyle Naber, Marketing Communications Specialist, and Jared Falkner, Business Development Lead, ReVive will continue to feature the same great variety of indispensable marketing topics.

As the experts in marketing for manufacturers, Vive Marketing created ReVive as a podcast that focuses on marketing topics that may currently be day-to-day challenges. Each episode will feature a manufacturing or B2B sector professional joining us to offer their industry-specific insights and best practices.

In our comeback episode, we were joined by Teresa Schell, Vive Marketing’s President & Owner, who joined us to discuss, “What is your company’s why? And why is it important?” Teresa has been in manufacturing her whole career. Starting as a manufacturing representative with an agency, she was contributed to the growth of seven different manufacturing commodities. She advanced to become the first marketing director for an injection molder and found success leading a complete rebrand, executing a marketing plan and equipping the sales team with the right sales tools. This success led Teresa to discover a business opportunity – helping other small to mid-size manufacturers grow their brand through marketing initiatives. The result was Vive Marketing, which has been in business for nearly 13 years and serves clients in the manufacturing space.

Give me the high-level: ReVive in 5

Why would you say finding that why is important behind that company or product and how that kind of drives the company? – (2:57)

“Most companies will market themselves with ‘what and ‘how’s’ because that’s what their customers are asking for. They ask for price, quality and delivery, amongst other features, but the why is the reason we buy and the ‘what’ only represents that tangible item or the component part.”

How does Vive help brands find their unique why? – (5:01)

“Vive helps companies find their unique why, and this happens when we launch with a strategic focus. We begin by conducting an onsite workshop that asks specific questions to the leadership team. This is bundled in three categories to later deliver those why statements.”

Diving a little bit deeper into the importance of discovering the why, how does it drive decision making?  – (6:17)

“When we make decisions, the highest level of our confidence that we make up or conjure up is, ‘this decision feels right’. The ability to put a ‘why’ into words that provides an emotional context creates decisions made at deeper levels.”

Every company is backed with a unique strategy. Which marketing strategy or deliverable do you believe is most essential for executing in marketing?  – (12:03)

“In my opinion, the most essential marketing deliverable is a website that is designed with an optimum user experience. When a site is easy to navigate, and there are effective uses of design elements that evoke emotion and appreciation, it provides positive experiences, keeping users loyal to the brand.”

What benefits does creating personalized messaging have and why is it important? – (14:09)

“When you start with ‘why’ it does not come from looking ahead at what you want to achieve and then figure out an appropriate plan to get there. It comes from looking where you are right now. When you know the decision is right, not only does it feel right, but you can also rationalize it and easily put it into words. Finding the ‘why’ is a process of detecting specific words.”

Find Your Why

“Good companies start with their WHY, but great companies are ones that differentiate their WHY and they will be more successful year-after-year.” – Teresa Schell

The why statement is what separates companies, it helps an audience align with your brand through an emotional connection, and ultimately, it is the purpose your company is in business. Companies that operate with a strong sense of ‘why’ can inspire their employees, which leads to buy-in, creating a staff that is happier, innovative and more productive. What’s your WHY?

If your company lacks a WHY statement, Vive Marketing can help by leading you through Teresa’s process for helping brands discover their unique identifiers. To connect with Teresa, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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