3 Ways To Drive Internal Marketing

Internal marketing is vital to the success of any company. All employees serve as ambassadors for your brand, so it’s helpful to arm them with tools to keep them informed of pertinent internal/external communications and engaged – the more your team members feel apart of the organization, the more engaged they will be. The following tips highlight key strategies to build stronger internal marketing presence.

  1. Internal MarketingPublish an internal employee newsletter – Internal newsletters are very informative for employees. It allows information to be easily passed down through the grapevine and engages your employees to get more involved with whats happening in the company.
  2. Schedule daily or weekly team meetings – Ignites employee feedback and collaboration. Production meetings? Morning pow wows? 2-second lean highlights, etc. This gets your employees on the same page and gives them a chance to get involved and speak up on a weekly basis and communicate goals and expectations for the week.
  3. TV Screens or Communication Boards – in production areas, high traffic areas, break rooms, etc. This could highlight birthdays, anniversarys, safety announcements, etc. Reflecting on accomplishments or special days gives your employees the feeling of recognition and pushes them to thrive for more.

Set the expection from the get-go. Planting the seed on day one and ongoing reminders engrains the importance of company culture and consistent communication.

Giving employees a voice is always a great way to make them feel valued. Asking for feedback or suggestions through a notepad or suggestion box encourages employees to jot down thoughts and ideas throughout the day to help make a better workplace for everyone.

A good company starts on the inside, that’s why internal marketing is essential to success. Although you may look to sales and revenue to see the success of company, what you do internally is what drives these numbers and ultimately, becomes “the” place to work.

Why Outsource Marketing? Let Us Explain…

The team at Vive prides ourselves on being an extension of your company, offering our best insight to help you succeed in the marketing department of your business. With proven success in the industry, Vive should be your go-to source for all marketing needs.


Marketing in plastics can be a troubling ask. It is a booming industry with a lot of players all trying to make their brand stand out. Hiring somebody without the experience and expertise needed to be successful can be detrimental to any company. A direct hire needs training and resources to help your company become successful in your industry.

Working with Vive brings in an outside perspective that allows us to offer reliable objectivity and fresh ideas you wouldn’t receive from a direct hire. The team at Vive works collaboratively every day, bouncing ideas off each other to come up with the best possible solution. Our team provides depth, with a multitude of different talents that serve a plethora of marketing needs. Having the ability to work with a team of marketing specialists that all have knowledge and experience in the plastics industry sets us far above a direct hire.

Our team can provide insight on the best publications, tradeshows and events to help your brand achieve maximum exposure. Having decades of experience in the plastics industry, we know how to get things done and how to gain exposure. The Vive team will guide you every step of the way to ensure your marketing department achieves its goals the best way possible.

Maintaining a marketing department is a daunting responsibility and key to successful business. Our competitive advantage is offering creativity and critical thinking as a catalyst for meaningful change that is immediate, enduring and effective. Vive has the resources and expertise, no training needed. Let Vive be your marketing department.

Welcome to Vive, Austin Haga

For the first time ever, Vive has extended an internship to a second semester. Austin Haga, Vive’s Marketing Communications Intern and current senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will remain with the company through the spring. Austin will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in May of 2016.

Austin HagaStepping into my first internship was such an exciting time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to begin my professional career than Vive. A beautiful office with a great view, a welcoming team, and I even got my own desk. I was determined to do my best and keep an open mind by learning new practices, which have really benefited me during my time at Vive thus far. Each day is something new and an opportunity for a learning experience. The ability to be involved in day-to-day operations and provide assistance on a multitude of projects has helped me grow professionally and taught many great business practices. It also made for an easy transition into the workforce.

The team at Vive welcomed me with open arms. Great culture in the office makes it very easy to communicate problems or questions when they arise. Weekly team builders and meetings allowed me to better understand the in’s and out’s of the industry in a way that isn’t just textbook. The versatility of everyone at Vive has provided me with the resources to further my knowledge in many aspects of the marketing agency industry.

Working at Vive has also given me a chance to build a portfolio. In the past three months I’ve had the opportunity to compile several social media calendars, business cards, PowerPoint templates, collateral sheets, SWOT analyses, and numerous creative projects. I’ve also had the chance to research analytical data from clients’ website traffic and help create content for new site launches.

As my final semester of college approaches, those feelings of nervousness to enter the “real world” have quickly escaped. Being Vive’s first intern to extend the internship over the course of two semesters is a great accomplishment for me. It also excites and makes me want to take on bigger projects and more responsibility. Working at Vive has not only prepared me, but has pushed me to pursue a career in a marketing agency.

VIVE Introduces Same Great Offering in Bite Sizes

Traditionally, working with Vive on your company’s brand presence is a yearlong partnership. While this robust marketing plan fits most, we recognize that there are times when a more focused marketing approach is preferred. Vive is excited to announce our new marketing a la carte menu—an avenue that lets you choose what package(s) are best for your business objectives:

  • Company Message

    What’s your unique differentiator? Vive will drive an analytical evaluation to determine what sets you apart from competition based on your company’s core strengths and customer feedback.

  • Logo Development & Rebrand

    Is your company image stale? Let Vive lead your brand into the 21st century by spearheading the creative process to acquire the perfect update as well as a communication plan to introduce your new identity into the marketplace.

  • Website Management

    Your virtual front door needs consistent attention and continuous updates. Vive manages the navigation, layout, and content creation with the web developer to ensure first impressions are positive.

  • Sales Tools

    Vive crafts effective communication tools to convey why others should do business with you. This is accomplished via brochures, PowerPoint presentations, banner ads, direct mail, and anything else that will help drive your brand forward!

  • Ad Campaign Development

    Vive has the experience and skills to create a one-of-a-kind ad campaign that brings your company into the spotlight. Let us be the creative source behind the compelling message with the memorable concept.

  • Company Video

    Tell it through a story. Vive will devise a creative storyboard to successfully illustrate your company’s core competencies as well as manage the videography team to establish a ‘wow’ factor.

  • Tradeshow Management

    Draw the right audience with a tradeshow display that presents your message with pizazz. But it’s not just aesthetics that brings success; Vive supports the tradeshow effort with pre/post-show communication efforts.

  • Social Media & Blog

    All media channels need attention. Vive submits a monthly calendar of suggested posts based on industry-related content and company highlights. We’ll even post on your behalf!

  • Brand Material Update

    If you like your logo, but your business cards, letterhead, PowerPoint templates, and social media banners need a design update, Vive will be the creative change agent.

  • Award Submission

    So you say your company is great? Let Vive author award submissions so others know what sets you apart from the competition!

We look forward to welcoming new companies who want to get started with our new project-by-project offering!

Just Begun or Halfway Done?

Earlier this summer, Vive announced the arrival of Rachel Heinzinger, our Marketing Communications Intern. With the blink of an eye, Rachel is halfway complete with her internship, but only halfway started with her journey to a career.

Rachel will be a junior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the fall. Seeking a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and minors in Spanish and Informatics, Rachel hopes to land a job for a marketing firm in Chicago or work in-house marketing for a large business firm.

At the start of her internship, Rachel established a list of objectives and expectations for her time at Vive. “My goals are to adapt to working in an office with a full-time schedule, learn new design programs, better my marketing skills, and overall enjoy my time working as an intern,” she noted.

In seven swift weeks, Rachel has accomplished myriad tasks, teaching her various lessons about marketing and the professional world. Within the first two months or so, Rachel has drafted two social media calendars (along with goals for each month), created a seven-month drip-marketing plan, written blog posts for clients, designed and built a manufacturing dictionary, listened in on logo and brand development discussions, and participated in an on-site factory tour of a local client. Rachel remains busy each day with new projects while also maintaining social media for Vive and other clients.

Vive builds their own portfolio each day with remarkable projects; Rachel aims to build her own personal portfolio with her success at Vive. Rachel believes that the internship is benefitting her by giving her a foot in the door and the opportunity for future internships, all while learning programs and improving her writing and networking skills.

When asked the best advice she has received and advice she would give, Rachel stated, “The best advice I’ve received is the same as I would give. Never give up on your dream job. With the right combination of networking and strong work ethic, you can accomplish any goal. A huge part of networking is asking questions and following up; never neglect to do both of these.”

Rachel’s internship at Vive runs through the summer of 2015.

Vive Welcomes Intern Rachel Heinzinger

Vive is extremely pleased to announce the addition of our newest marketing intern, Rachel Heinzinger. Rachel, a soon-to-be junior at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, is an Advertising major with minors in Informatics and Spanish. Rachel’s summer internship at Vive will focus on responsibilities including research, social media strategy and messaging.


To learn more about our newest team member, please read on:

What are you known for?

Always taking the stairs, no matter the circumstances.

Greatest personal accomplishment?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an ongoing passion to learn about computer systems. The dedication to acquire the knowledge of software and design is imperative to my future career endeavors. Having the opportunity to show and flourish my skills at Vive will give me the experience to test my abilities while also learning new ways to operate systems and design web spaces.

Greatest educational experience?

With many years of education and practice, I have become fluent in Spanish. The hours spent studying have paid off immensely, as being fluent in Spanish has bettered my communication skills overall. Being bilingual also gives me a competitive edge in the job market, as I’m able to communicate with a wider audience.

Vive Gives Back

Day of CaringVive is proud to be a partner of Hunger Task Force, helping ensure that low-income seniors have monthly access to healthy and nutritious foods. This past month Vive launched our very first “Day of Caring,” an initiative aimed at giving back to the community by volunteering at the Hunger Task Force Warehouse on the old 440th Air Force base to help build Stockboxes for local seniors. Along with fellow volunteer teams, the Vive crew assisted in the building of 600 boxes, an important first step in stomping out hunger in our area. With consistent support from the community, Hunger Task Force built over 100,000 boxes last year alone.

Each day seniors in our area are forced to deal with the reality of hunger. If you would like to help alleviate this burden and volunteer, please visit the Hunger Task Force website or contact Marie Jewell for more information. Vive is thrilled to continue our partnership with Hunger Task Force, with our next “Day of Caring” scheduled for August!

A Look at How Manufacturers Emphasize Marketing

The most recognized brands in the world spend billions of dollars every year on their marketing efforts. You can imagine that they’re not executing by chance without a plan; they know exactly what those dollars will bring them in return. These companies view marketing as a matter of survival, not theory.

On the flip side, some companies believe marketing is not necessary to incorporate into a business plan because business is growing and everyone’s staying busy, so why bother with the expense and hassle? This is the wrong mindset.

Somewhere in the middle is where manufacturers need to position their marketing strategy. Marketing is like food, sustained nourishment that navigates your business to meet growth objectives and keeps you there. Ongoing marketing secures your company’s future.

Teresa Schell, president/owner of Vive (a marketing firm exclusively for the plastics industry), recently spoke at the Plastics News Executive Forum on the topic of marketing. She illustrated results of an online survey from plastic processors throughout the United States that evaluated the dedication (or lack of) their companies invest toward marketing initiatives.

An interesting discovery from the survey was the lack of unique differentiators that plastic processors are using to position themselves in the marketplace. Too many companies highlight customer service, high quality parts or 100 percent on-time delivery as a selling point that sets them apart from other plastic processors. Unfortunately, these are not differentiators but a given. Without a clearly defined differentiator, there is no branding, which ultimately leads to no increased profitability.

Since the manufacturing process is similar among each business, a unique focus could be on the company’s innovation or commitment to new technology that allows production to hit the market sooner. Not all manufacturers maintain the same speed of technology infusion on their operational floor.

In the survey, most plastic processors rated their company a four (with a top score of five) for sales and marketing alignment. The two departments must speak the same message, be in sync with what an ideal customer looks like and measure frequently to make necessary changes to the marketing plan. Many companies utilize one champion with the title, Sales and Marketing, but clearly these two responsibilities and objectives are different enough to warrant the roles of two people working together on the same goal.

The survey also revealed that tradeshow exposure continues to be a concentrated area of marketing dollars. The most commonly attended and exhibited tradeshows are MD&M, PackExpo and NPE. The approach to building brand awareness to a targeted audience is proven with a formal tradeshow strategy, often times with a positive return on investment. However, tradeshow ROI does not have to be measured on just new sales, but by the effectiveness of announcing a new capability or the outreach of communication via social media channels.

A marketing strategy will successfully promote and grow your business. A robust marketing plan will help you answer key questions about your business: How will you position your company in the marketplace? How will you differentiate from your competitors? How will you reach your customers? What are your sales goals? Awareness to marketing strategies should be aligned with business goals. Continuous attention, much like continuous food nourishment, toward marketing will help manufacturers strengthen their brand identity and bottom line.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

The benefits of blogging go far and beyond what a single blog post can explain. It is, without a doubt, a worthwhile venture that can lead you and your company to new heights. Below you’ll find five tips to get the juices flowing and give you ammunition for backing up your desire for a company blog.

Boost Traffic

An immediate benefit for the creation of a company blog is the increase in traffic to your website. If you host your blog via an external platform such as WordPress, be sure to have several ways for readers to link back to your website. The blog header is a great place to mimic the style of your homepage, with clickable buttons that drive traffic back to your company site. You can also nudge people to your site via clever calls-to-action within paragraphs and at the end of each post.

However, a sure-fire way of driving traffic to your site is to actually host the blog on a landing page within your website. Readers already have easy access to your other core messages and will be drawn to become more informed about your company’s capabilities and differentiators. Keep in mind that each blog post you create is yet another page that is indexed within Google, which allows for an increased opportunity to show up on the first page of a Google search.

Become a Thought Leader

With each post written you further establish your niche and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. When posts are filled with reliable and insightful information, readers will frequent your blog in search of more answers to their burning questions. Once your knowledge and expertise is firmly established in the minds of your audience, the chance of converting prospects to customers is greater.

Create a Back-and-Forth

Blogs, much like social media, are an essential tool for becoming more connected to your audience. By their nature, websites are a one-way communication channel. Blogs allow for the opportunity to actively engage in a dialogue with customers and others in the manufacturing world.

Cultivate Content

To appear more often in top pages, blogs should consist of original, relevant content that incorporates key words unique to your business. As stated above, each blog post is catalogued as a separate page in search engines, such as Google. Search engines are becoming smarter by the minute and can decipher between quality content and promotional “mumbo jumbo.” Blog posts can also be recycled; it is vital to take advantage of different social media channels by posting the link to your blog multiple times throughout a three or four week span, each time using different, intriguing title lines to entice readers to click.

Build Brand Awareness

Finally, a company blog is an excellent way to increase brand awareness! The more a prospective customer reads your content, the more they’ll associate your brand with expertise and quality. Although the time commitment needed to maintain a quality blog is a factor to consider, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Just remember: repurpose your content and position yourself as an expert in the industry. The possibilities are endless!

Vive, LLC Introduces Holiday Food Drive Challenge

Milwaukee, WI (November 25, 2014) – In support of The Hunger Taskforce of Milwaukee, Vive, LLC – a marketing firm located on the sixth floor of the Phoenix Building, will host a Holiday Food Drive Challenge for all tenants December 1 through December 23, 2014.

vive-food-driveThe Hunger Taskforce asks for the community’s assistance in collecting food items and monetary donations in order to provide food for families in need.

The team at Vive is asking for your assistance in reaching their goal of collecting 250lbs (one large box) of canned food/and or non-perishable items during the month of December.

Food for donation can be dropped off at Vive’s front entrance, Monday-Friday from 8am – 5pm and must be received by Tuesday, December 23rd.

All food received will be delivered to The Hunger Taskforce to ensure families in our community enjoy a holiday meal. Popular items include:

  • Juice
  • Coffee/tea
  • Cereal/oatmeal
  • Canned ham
  • Cornbread/bread/muffin mix
  • Gravy packets/canned gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Sweet potatoes/yams
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Corn
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Shelf-stable milk
  • Pudding boxes
  • Macaroni
  • Mixed fruit
  • Applesauce

This Holiday Food Drive Challenge provides an opportunity for our business community to help fight domestic hunger. Thank you for your support and participation.