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Episode 14: ReVive – The Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

How Marketing and Human Resources Coexist to Develop Brand Messaging and Create a Positive Employee Experience In this episode of ReVive, host Jared Falkner is joined by Jennifer Latiolais, a marketing and HR professional in the plastics industry. Jennifer is going to be sharing some key insights on developing messaging and stock interview questions, streamlining […]

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What Is Your Recruitment Strategy for 2022?

It’s no secret that employers are facing more challenges than ever in recruiting and retaining top talent. There’s not a “one size fits all” recruitment strategy, as many companies have different and varied challenges based on geographic location, industry, type and number of positions open, time of year, company culture, and reputation as an employer. […]

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ReVive : Episode 13 | Recruitment in Manufacturing

Recruitment in Manufacturing – Tips, Trends, Expectations and How to Rank Candidates In this episode of ReVive, host Jared Falkner is joined by Todd Nickerson, the Recruitment Director of MBS Advisors. MBS Advisors is a professional M&A Advisory and recruitment organization focused exclusively in the manufacturing space, similar to how Vive is focused on marketing […]