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Strategic Ways to Recruit and Retain Talent

  Through measurable data, we’ve identified that social media is a great strategy for recruiting talent for your organization. By showcasing what makes your company great, you can attract the right people to join your team and help retain current employees by reminding them why they joined in the first place.   Need to fill […]

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You Asked. We Answered.

At the last Plastics News Women Breaking the Mold conference, I had the privilege of speaking to many professionals about How to Lead Marketing as an Everyday Habit. Toward the end of the session, I asked the audience to huddle around their area with others to begin the networking process with questions about what marketing […]

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Marketing Trends: What Have We Noticed?

  Springtime – an exemplary time of year if you’re any type of sports fan. March Madness has announced a new champion. The iconic opening day jet plane fly over Wrigley Field is moments away. Your favorite golfer is about to put one three inches from the hole on a Par 3 at Augusta National. […]

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Schell Shocked: Saying Farewell To A Good One

  Effective immediately, Vive LLC’s longtime President & CEO, Teresa Schell, has been removed from the organization. Worried about the stability of the organization, Vive LLC’s eight employees partnered with a 3rd party private accounting firm to evaluate the company’s health. After months of crunching numbers and analyzing market value, it was determined that Teresa […]

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Create Marketing Buy-In from Within

Creating noticeable marketing buy-in at a manufacturing company can be challenging, especially if you are the only designated marketing person within the organization, or if the organizational growth goals exceed your capabilities and/or bandwidth. There is so much to tackle, and when you ask for resource support, you’ll sometimes hear the phrase: “we don’t need […]

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Marketers Are Thankful Too!

Whether it be in an email, social media, website content, sales collateral, or professional conversations were constantly empathizing with the idea that “marketing isn’t easy” – which is why we’re in business. Even though we consider ourselves experts in marketing for manufacturing, through strategic ideation, collaboration, industry experience, and subject matter expertise, we have a […]