Email Optimization Strategies for B2B Manufacturers

Welcome back to another installment in our digital marketing for manufacturing blog series! In our journey through the digital marketing landscape, we first covered the basics of social media marketing for manufacturers before diving into LinkedIn and what defines a good social media strategy. Now, our journey has turned toward email marketing. In our last […]


Email Marketing Essentials for B2B Manufacturers

Email marketing is an essential part of reaching customers in today’s digital world. For manufacturers looking to cut through the noise in 2024, eblasts offer a direct line to their audience. So far, in our digital marketing blog series, we’ve covered the ins and outs of social media for manufacturers, how to maximize your LinkedIn […]


Social Media Strategies for B2B Manufacturers

So, your manufacturing business has finally realized the benefits of B2B digital marketing and is ready to give social media a shot (*cue the celebratory confetti*). This marks a pivotal moment for your business as you can now work towards defining your digital presence – this is the part that requires some legwork. While the […]


How Should B2B Manufacturers Utilize Marketing?

Whether you are a business owner, business development lead, or marketing professional, you’re responsible for critical questions that impede the success of your business such as: Can you accurately comprehend your customers’ needs? Can you confidently assert that customers trust your manufacturing capabilities and technology? Have you been attentive to the feedback and messages customers […]


LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Manufacturers

Embracing digital marketing in 2024 is a decision that can transform your business. In the first blog of our new series dedicated to unpacking digital marketing for the manufacturing industry, A Manufacturer’s Guide to Digital Marketing: Social Media 101, we laid the foundation for utilizing social media effectively and mentioned that LinkedIn is the most […]


What’s In Store for Vive Marketing In 2024?

As 2023 came to an end, Vive closed the year with a tremendous list of accolades related to our visual identity. Projects included the branding and launch of our internal marketing services in the form of Vive-R, a refresh of our trade show displays, and heaps of UI/UX upgrades to our website – and that’s […]

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Artificial Intelligence Through the Ages

When people tuned into The Jetsons in 1962, the futuristic technologies seamlessly integrated into the characters’ daily lives seemed like a far-off dream. But today, quite a few of those once-visionary ideas have become a reality; we now have flat-screen televisions, smart watches, video calls, drones, and even robot vacuums! At the heart of this […]