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Episode 17: ReVive – The Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

Utilizing Videography As a Brand Asset in Manufacturing 


In this episode of ReVive, the marketing podcast for manufacturers, host Jared Falkner is joined by Chad Halvorsen, a seasoned Video Producer, Director, Editor and Drone Operator. Chad is here to discuss the importance of video as a brand asset, what the intricate process looks like, and what you should do with your fancy new video once it’s completed.

Give me the high-level: ReVive in 5

There is a lot of preplanning and preparation that goes into producing a video, can you speak a little more about the process and what a shoot day may look like? (3:37)

“No matter what your scope or budget is, the more information you can give before the shoot day the better. (4:04) Do we want this to be a tour of your facility or do we want to interview people and have them guide us through the tour? There are 101 ways to make a video.”

Is there something in particular that a client should have prepared to help support your process? (5:18)

“Yes, the easiest and the hardest thing to do is clean the manufacturing floor free of any labels, clients, or products you don’t want on camera. I may run into an issue where somebody has a Pepsi bottle. (6:01) Keeping the area clean where you know I’m going to shoot is going to make it a lot easier in the long run. Another thing that helps me out is to give me a safety briefing. I wear steel-toe boots, glasses, etc. (6:50) A final tip is to actually let your employees know what I’m doing there. I’m not shy about getting up in their face and getting cool shots.”

What gear or equipment is needed or required to have a successful shoot day? (8:30)

“It all depends on how complicated we are with the video. Sometimes we do stuff that requires a lot more than just me and I have to hire an actual camera operator or grip to help move different lights. We’ve spent 30-45 minutes setting up blocks, lighting, and curating the area to get what we actually want. I may recommend bigger cameras, more lights, etc. Again, it’s all about how big you want to go.”

Are there any challenges you could run into while shooting on a manufacturing floor? (9:56)  

“Every video production in the video of ever has run into a problem. Most challenges with manufacturing are safety concerns. I don’t want to get hurt on your manufacturing floor, I want to come back and make more videos. Other challenges are scheduling conflicts, it’s a working manufacturing floor. Normally, I can role with the scheduling on the fly.”

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