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Artificial Intelligence Through the Ages

When people tuned into The Jetsons in 1962, the futuristic technologies seamlessly integrated into the characters’ daily lives seemed like a far-off dream. But today, quite a few of those once-visionary ideas have become a reality; we now have flat-screen televisions, smart watches, video calls, drones, and even robot vacuums! At the heart of this […]

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Exploring AI’s Applications & Potential

What do you think of when you hear the words “artificial intelligence”? Maybe an image of a futuristic robot or a scene from a Black Mirror episode pops into your head, or perhaps chatbots and virtual assistants like ChatGPT and Siri come to mind. Thinking about AI might elicit some strong feelings, too; you might […]

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Will AI Replace Blogs?

  Type a brief description, click a button, and bam – in less than 30 seconds, you have an entire blog post written for you. This is what AI platforms like ChatGPT, Jasper, WordAI, AI Writer, and Ink offer their users, prompting many to wonder if AI will soon replace human-written blogs entirely. While the […]

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2023 AI Trends

  We all know trends come and go with time. Some trends even reemerge after a couple of years – just look at all the Gen Zers donning cargo pants and bucket hats reminiscent of the ‘90s. However, the AI trends emerging in 2023 are different than a typical fad; they are poised to establish […]