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Jared Falkner - From The Vive Corner

Marketers Are Thankful Too!

Whether it be in an email, social media, website content, sales collateral, or professional conversations were constantly empathizing with the idea that “marketing isn’t easy” – which is why we’re in business.

Even though we consider ourselves experts in marketing for manufacturing, through strategic ideation, collaboration, industry experience, and subject matter expertise, we have a heap of tools that we use to help us do our jobs well.

So, what specific marketing tools are we thankful for this Thanksgiving?

SEMrush Logo

Vive is thankful for SEMrush because it keeps our clients’ websites, and Vive’s website, up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices, keywords, site health, advertising competition, backlinks, and so much more! SEMrush can be a resource for all industries and has the proper support team to take any website to the next level.

Google Ads Logo

Vive is thankful for Google Ads because it keeps Vive and our clients visible and competitive in an ever-changing digital atmosphere. Google Ads is a great opportunity for our clients to uniquely brand themselves by creating compelling content that aligns with their differentiators and expertise.

WordPress Logo

Vive is thankful for WordPress because it provides a safe platform for Vive and our clients’ websites to be exclusive, user-friendly, engaging, robust, and safe! WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS program that lets marketing professionals make the most of their websites through unlimited plug-in options, SEO implementations, and image/video optimization.

Search Engine Land Logo

Vive is thankful for Search Engine Land because it provides the most up-to-date information about pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and recent/relevant news for all search engines. Search Engine Land’s information is irreplaceable for digital marketing professionals responsible for adjusting, fixing, monitoring, and improving the digital presence of a brand.

LinkedIn Logo

Vive is thankful for LinkedIn because it’s a great social media channel for connecting with driven professionals in all industries. Vive uses LinkedIn as a primary marcomms channel for all of our clients and the fruits of the labor are shown through increased website traffic, post engagement, brand recognition, and talent recruitment efforts.

Unsplash Logo

Vive is thankful for Unsplash because it’s a fantastic resource for free high-resolution stock imagery. If a subscription-based tool like Adobe or Shutterstock isn’t in the budget, Unsplash will provide functional assets for many needs.

Trello Logo

Vive is thankful for Trello because it generates a more simplistic collaboration with our teammates and clients. Trello’s account management-based subscription tool allows users to populate custom boards, cards, users, documents, images, and much more to improve efficiencies in the workplace.

All the marketing tools listed above still don’t complete the list of platforms Vive uses daily to improve our brand as well as our clients’ brands, but no doubt we are thankful for all the tools we use to help us be better marketers and create more ROI for our clients.

Are you interested in what other marketing tools Vive uses to keep the boat floating? Contact us for details!