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When hiring an outside marketing company to build brand awareness for your manufacturing business, it’s important to select a partner that aligns with your goals, values, and industry-specific needs.



A Few Characteristics Include:

1) Industry Experience

Look for a marketing company that has experience working with manufacturing businesses or similar industries. Industry knowledge can help them understand your unique challenges, target audience, and competitive landscape.

2) Proven Track Record

Review the marketing company’s portfolio and case studies to see if they have successfully executed brand awareness campaigns for other clients. Ask for examples of how they’ve helped businesses in the manufacturing sector specifically. Interested in our proven success? Explore our work page! 

3) Strategic Approach

A strong marketing company will approach your brand awareness efforts strategically. They should be able to outline a clear plan that includes market research, target audience analysis, campaign strategies, and metrics for success.

4) Creativity and Innovation

Brand awareness campaigns require creativity to stand out in a competitive market. Look for a marketing company that can demonstrate innovative ideas and creative solutions that resonate with your audience.

5) Digital Expertise

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is essential for brand awareness. Ensure the marketing company has expertise in digital marketing areas such as SEO, content marketing, social media, and paid advertising.

6) Multichannel Capabilities

Effective brand awareness often involves utilizing multiple channels such as social media, content marketing, email campaigns, events, and more. The marketing company should have experience across various channels and be able to integrate them seamlessly.

7) Data-Driven Approach

Look for a company that emphasizes data and analytics. A data-driven approach allows for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and making informed adjustments for better results. Is Vive Marketing data-driven? We sure are! We’re a Google Partner for a reason. 

8) Communication Skills

Open and clear communication is crucial for a successful partnership. The marketing company should be responsive, listen to your input, and provide regular updates on campaign progress and results.

9) Customization

Every manufacturing business is unique. Look for a marketing company that tailors their strategies and solutions to fit your specific goals, audience, and brand identity. What makes us different? Get to know Vive Marketing in greater depth! 

10) Collaborative Attitude

A good marketing partner should be willing to work collaboratively with your internal team. They should value your input and insights while also providing their expertise. At Vive, we’re blessed to have a solid team in place. Learn more about our squad! 

11) Transparency and Integrity

Honesty and transparency are vital. The marketing company should be clear about their processes, costs, and expectations. Avoid companies that promise unrealistic results or use unethical tactics. Interesting in receiving a proposal from Vive Marketing? Let’s create one tailored to your needs. 

12) References and Reviews

Ask for references or read online reviews from past clients. This can provide insights into the experiences other businesses have had when working with the marketing company. Check out a few of Vive Marketing’s testimonials on our home page and Zweck® Analysis page. 

13) Adaptability and Flexibility

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Look for a company that is adaptable and willing to adjust strategies based on changing market trends or unexpected challenges.

14) Long-Term Focus

Building brand awareness is a long-term endeavor. Find a marketing company that demonstrates a commitment to your success over the long haul, rather than focusing solely on short-term gains.



Choosing the right marketing company to build brand awareness for your manufacturing business is a significant decision. By carefully assessing these characteristics and conducting thorough research, you can select a partner that aligns with your objectives and can effectively elevate your brand’s visibility in the market.

Interested in learning more about our approach? Let’s talk.