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Episode 12: ReVive – The Marketing Podcast for Manufacturers

Introduction to m-hub In this episode of ReVive, host Jared Falkner is joined by Andrea Tellan and Luca Teresi, the champions behind the world’s first global mobile app for the plastic manufacturing industry, m-hub. This app helps plastic manufacturers promote their company to better target customers and to help them search for new partners worldwide. […]

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LinkedIn 101 for Manufacturers

LinkedIn is the platform that people may think about when they want to showcase a career move, important company information, or future opportunities that may interest their audience. There are so many features to help grow one’s network, gain potential client’s attention, and build future relationships. Businesses that can benefit from LinkedIn tend to be in industries such as manufacturing, plastics, and engineering, according […]

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5 Tips on Social Media Engagement for Manufacturing Companies

Creating content to emphasize your brand, team, and core values is a strong factor behind your company’s social media presence. In the manufacturing industry, a social media presence is important if your company wants to stay current with the business world. This push for engagement can be useful for helping companies wanting to showcase how […]