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Schell Shocked: Saying Farewell To A Good One


Effective immediately, Vive LLC’s longtime President & CEO, Teresa Schell, has been removed from the organization. Worried about the stability of the organization, Vive LLC’s eight employees partnered with a 3rd party private accounting firm to evaluate the company’s health.

After months of crunching numbers and analyzing market value, it was determined that Teresa Schell’s salary was a detriment to the future of the company. Vive LLC’s board of directors presented Teresa with what they considered a “fair offer” to retain her position as Vive LLC’s President & CEO – Teresa declined.

Vive LLC is fully prepared for the inevitable repercussions associated with this immediate business-altering decision. We thank Teresa for her 15+ years of service to Vive LLC and wish her the best as she smoothly transitions.

Moving forward, Vive LLC is elated to announce its new President & CEO – Niner. Formally known as our “Barketing Coordinator,” Niner is positioned to save Vive LLC hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, as he vocally stated “Rawhide Bones” are his preferred method of payment, ruffly. April fools!!