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Myth-busting Marketing for Manufacturers: Setting the Record Straight


If you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of marketing for manufacturers, it can be easy to fall prey to many common marketing myths. These misconceptions, ranging from the belief that marketing is only for large companies to the idea that marketing isn’t necessary at all, can be detrimental to the growth and success of your business.

As an experienced marketing agency for manufacturers, Vive knows a thing or two about manufacturing marketing services. Let’s dive into a couple of the most common myths out there so you can make the most informed decisions regarding your marketing strategy.

Myth #1: Manufacturing companies don’t need to focus on marketing.

Many B2B manufacturers believe that manufacturing is solely about production. Since they already have an established customer base, they rely on repeat business, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing, often overlooking marketing efforts to attract new customers. Others may not fully understand the benefits of marketing or think it is too expensive for their budget.

This perspective can lead to missed opportunities for manufacturers. Marketing can help manufacturers promote their products and services, generate leads, increase brand awareness, and distinguish themselves from competitors. Don’t fall for this myth – effective marketing strategies drive business growth and are essential for any manufacturer’s success.

Myth #2: Manufacturing marketing is all about selling products/gaining clients.

Sure, the ultimate goal of marketing might be to sell products and gain clients, but it’s not the only objective. Effective marketing is also about building customer relationships and positioning a brand as a trusted industry leader. This requires an approach that goes beyond product promotion.

Blog posts and case studies offer the chance to educate potential customers while demonstrating expertise in the industry. Trade shows and conferences also provide great opportunities to highlight the strengths of a business while also offering chances to connect with potential customers. By educating customers, building relationships, and providing solutions, you can create a brand customers trust and want to do business with long-term.

Myth #3: Manufacturing marketing is only for large companies.

Marketing is not only effective for large businesses with notable brand recognition; it is equally essential for small- and medium-sized manufacturers, offering opportunities to grow an authentic brand voice and establish a strong presence as an industry leader. By targeting their niche audience and highlighting their unique offerings, small- and medium-sized manufacturers can compete against larger competitors and cultivate a loyal customer base.

From digital marketing to strategy and branding, there’s a wealth of options when it comes to marketing for manufacturing. But not every manufacturer needs every marketing service, and customized marketing packages can align with a company’s specific business goals while maintaining its budget. Don’t believe the misconception that only large manufacturers can invest in marketing. Small- and medium-sized businesses can reap the benefits of marketing at a reasonable cost.

Myth #4: Manufacturing marketing is only about traditional advertising.

Although traditional advertising – think print ads, billboards, and mail advertisements – still has its place in manufacturing marketing, it’s crucial to acknowledge the diverse range of marketing tactics available to manufacturers today. In today’s technology-driven world, digital marketing for manufacturers is essential to a successful marketing campaign. This includes an array of tactics such as email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, website optimization, and SEO, blogs and case studies, and much more. These methods are highly effective in reaching potential customers and generating leads.

Manufacturing marketing is no longer limited to the traditional methods businesses may be accustomed to. With the many marketing strategies available today, manufacturers must evolve and include digital tactics to be successful in today’s tech-driven world.

Myth #5: Manufacturing marketing is not measurable.

Thanks to the abundance of digital marketing tools and platforms available today, manufacturers never need to wonder if their marketing investments are paying off. Almost every part of marketing is measurable.

By consistently measuring actual performance against metrics, marketers can determine if a company is meeting the objectives of its marketing plan or if an adjustment needs to be made. Website analytics evaluate website traffic and health, and SEO analyses identify keyword positioning. Social media engagement (comments, likes, follows) and the success of email marketing campaigns (successful deliveries, clicks, bounces) can also be measured. Utilizing these methods evaluates the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and helps fine-tune the strategy to achieve better results if necessary.

Myth #6: Manufacturing marketing doesn’t need to be creative.

While the manufacturing industry may have a different level of glamour than, say, the fashion and entertainment industries, the importance of creativity in manufacturing marketing should not be understated. It is, in fact, an essential part of effective marketing for manufacturers.

With many companies vying for the same customers, creative branding and social media for manufacturers can help a company stand out in a crowded market. Compelling content and visually appealing graphics can capture the attention of desired audiences and keep them interested in a company’s products and services. Innovative marketing can help manufacturers build a strong brand identity and increase brand recall by differentiating themselves from competitors with unique messaging, visuals, and campaigns.

Myth #7: Manufacturing marketing is a one-time effort.

Once a product is created, it just needs to be promoted once, and the customers will follow. Simple as that, right?

Not so fast. Effective marketing is a continuous effort that requires ongoing investment and attention. Once a product has been launched, ongoing marketing is needed to continue promoting and selling it. And, as we discussed earlier, marketing for manufacturers isn’t just about product promotion. It’s about building brand awareness, generating leads, and nurturing customer relationships. These things all take time to develop. Plus, the manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. It’s important for manufacturers to keep up with new technologies, materials, and processes and to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

Manufacturers can proactively plan future marketing efforts to drive continued growth by taking a long-term, multi-year approach to marketing. A clear action plan guarantees that marketing efforts will be ongoing and effective, leading to sustained success.

Thrive with Vive

Several marketing misconceptions can hinder the growth and success of a business. Dispelling these myths can help manufacturers develop an effective marketing strategy to help their companies to flourish.

Now that you know the truth about what’s essential in marketing for manufacturers, let Vive help you achieve your goals! We offer many manufacturing marketing services tailored to your unique needs, combining creativity with data-driven insights to deliver effective results. Contact us today and take the marketing for your business to the next level!