Deb Wolf - Spotlight Blog Series

Impact of COVID and In-Person Trade Shows

We’re emerging from the pandemic of 2020 a little more each day. Does that mean business as usual? Doubtful, but nonetheless, a bit of normalcy is welcomed by all. This includes the traditional experience of in-person trade shows, which are particularly common in the industry of manufacturing! Throughout the years, conferences, events, and exhibitions have […]


ReVive : Episode 11 | Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing Alignment: Defining internal processes that correlates to a successful alignment In this episode of ReVive hosts Kyle Naber and Jared Falkner are joined by Keith Bradt, an experienced sales and business professional focused on sales process development, sales team development, and management solutions that aligns strategically with marketing efforts. Need help aligning […]

Nick Newman - Spotlight Blog Series

The Benefits of an Updated Logo

Companies often undergo something known as a “rebrand”, but many people may not know what that necessarily entails. What exactly is a company rebrand, and why do it in the first place? Rebranding a company is an essential business decision for three important reasons: to ensure the visual identity stays relevant within the industry, to […]

Vive Marketing & m-hub collaboration

Vive Marketing Partners with m-hub

One of the most important things you can do to grow your business is network. Networking can have a meaningful impact on your business by building long-term relationships and linking with others to strengthen business connections. It’s also a channel that will spark creativity, and that’s why Vive has recently partnered with m-hub to increase networking opportunities, […]

Linda Foster - Spotlight Blog Series

How to Create & Measure a Marketing Plan

As one of my most admired business leaders would say, “are we winning the game or losing the game?” Being a collegiate athlete and a youth coach/referee myself, this has always resonated with me and forces me to ask myself, “Am I helping to get us to where we need to be?”  The same applies […]

Jared Falkner - Spotlight Blog Series

Getting Started with SEO

Are you concerned your content is not resonating with your audience? Do you fear your website is not considered “relevant” to Google? If so, you’re one of the thousands of business professionals who realize the importance of a healthy, strong, and consistent digital presence. Vive Marketing already highlighted having a poor website as one of […]

Vive Marketing is Growing!

Vive Marketing Announces Expansion With Vive 2

The Experts in Marketing for Manufacturers to Develop Exclusive Manufacturing for Marketers Brand MILWAUKEE, WIS. (April 1, 2021) – Known for being experts at developing strategic, customized marketing plans for manufacturing professionals in the plastics and metals industries, Vive Marketing today announced the company is adding a new brand – Vive 2, Manufacturing for Marketers. […]

Teresa Schell - Spotlight Blog Series

The Benefits of Being in a Mentor/Mentee Relationship

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” – Steven Spielberg I recently had the opportunity to mentor a young professional in the plastics industry, and allow me to share with you how rewarding it was! Organized within the PLASTICS Industry Association through FLiP (Future […]


What We Love About Wisconsin

Happy National Wisconsin Day! On this third annual National Wisconsin Day, we take delight in celebrating the many things this state has to offer. We have friends, family and clients that ask us why we live here. Why do we live in the home of “The Frozen Tundra“, a state where the temperatures can be […]