Deb Wolf - Spotlight Blog Series

Impact of COVID and In-Person Trade Shows

We’re emerging from the pandemic of 2020 a little more each day. Does that mean business as usual? Doubtful, but nonetheless, a bit of normalcy is welcomed by all. This includes the traditional experience of in-person trade shows, which are particularly common in the industry of manufacturing! Throughout the years, conferences, events, and exhibitions have […]


ReVive : Episode 11 | Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing Alignment: Defining internal processes that correlates to a successful alignment In this episode of ReVive hosts Kyle Naber and Jared Falkner are joined by Keith Bradt, an experienced sales and business professional focused on sales process development, sales team development, and management solutions that aligns strategically with marketing efforts. Need help aligning […]

Nick Newman - Spotlight Blog Series

The Benefits of an Updated Logo

Companies often undergo something known as a “rebrand”, but many people may not know what that necessarily entails. What exactly is a company rebrand, and why do it in the first place? Rebranding a company is an essential business decision for three important reasons: to ensure the visual identity stays relevant within the industry, to […]